New type capsule game machine

- Oct 22, 2018-

New type capsule game machine


Following the slogan of the doll machine, some discerning entrepreneurs turned their attention to the modern entertainment “artifact” that originated in the United States and popularized in Japan – the capsule game machine, which brought more than Japan to the capsule game machine industry output value of 30 billion yen in 2017 alone. The current "hot egg heat" has been radiated to South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other places, the mainland market has also exploded. The small capsule game machine, twisted out is a look forward to and surprises, just to cater to the consumer psychology of the current pursuit of fun life, but also deeply favored by the investment of small entrepreneurs.

The capsule game machine is a localized high-end capsule brand that is laid out in advance for this emerging market. Its design is small and customizable, and it adopts the most advanced professional electronic motherboards of domestic capsule game machines, imported high-end main accessories such as electric valves. The stability is stronger than similar products. In addition, the capsule game machine can also be built with the content of torsion for different ages and hobbies, and “pay for it”, which is more attractive to domestic consumers who are pursuing stable income.

In children's playgrounds, bars, KTV and other places of entertainment that often have special offers or discounts, you can offer discounts or lotteries to customers in a fresh, mysterious way, and the fun is much better. The capsule game machine, which has always been favored by doll machines and vending machines, is a good category supplement, which can easily share huge traffic.

To increase consumer stickiness, the capsule game machine offers a unique point redemption function. You can earn points by scanning the code and turning the capsules on the line. After the points are accumulated, you can redeem the goods in some online malls. You can also redeem the equivalent items in the store or in the partner. The point redemption function not only allows the customers who are twisted to the favorite to enjoy a consumption, multiple harvests, but also allows customers who are not twisted to the satisfaction of the torsion to not have the "money to float" mentality, but hope to make persistent efforts, twisted can not stop.