Open VR experience museum make money or not in the end?

- Dec 26, 2018-

Open VR experience museum make money or not in the end?


The reasons for success or failure are diverse.

Generally, the factors that benefit well are in line with local market needs and have better business ideas and methods. And effectively use their own resources, or strengthen marketing strategies, or reduce operating costs, or increase promotion efforts, or expand the scope of business, etc., most of the reasons for failure are due to insufficient understanding of VR, understanding is not enough local market, no Compared to the premise of a good business philosophy, it is blindly open, which leads to a very passive business operation, and ultimately falls under the pressure of rent or borrowing.


One: What is the basic process of opening a store?

1. Understand VR (have a certain understanding of VR, and have a clear understanding of the market, VR equipment, applications, etc.);

2. Market research and analysis (determination of whether VR is feasible through local market research and site selection and operation in the later stage, mode, promotion, price system, etc. have a very important role in the judgment);

3, procedures and site selection (based on the research results to sort out the basic business ideas, choose the appropriate location according to specific circumstances);

4, store decoration and equipment procurement (according to business philosophy needs to purchase related equipment);

5. Formal opening (planning activities and publicity).


Two: How to choose? What types of websites are there?

The basic factors for site selection are as follows: target consumer groups (starting from their own ideas rather than passively by location), consumption environment (consumption of consumer destinations and consumption groups in the environment), and business strategy (online drainage is based primarily on eating Traffic volume?), rent (rental range, etc.); basic types are as follows: commercial district or large square, office building, cinema, school surrounding, scenic spot, playground, transportation hub (subway, airport, bus station) residential community.


Three: How much does the overall investment cost?

The specific investment is based on the comprehensive consideration of the size of the VR experience hall, the type and quantity of VR equipment, store rent, labor costs, etc., most of which are between 100,000 and 1 million, but there are also smaller investments and larger investments. It depends on your own economic situation and ability. To solve.

Four: There are usually two types of billing forms.

Timing, single/combination projects (included), usually 10 minutes (20-30 yuan), 30 minutes (30-50 yuan) or 1 hour (80-120 minutes / yuan) calculation, project count Fees are usually single (20-30 yuan / time; 100-200 yuan / set), the specific price is based on local pricing and cost based on consumption