Pay attention to the placement of the doll machine

- May 17, 2019-

Pay attention to the placement of the doll machine

How is this venue? How can I judge whether I can earn? How is this location in the mall? What are the general locations that can be selected for delivery? Of course, the doll machine is not an excuse for the site selection industry. Everything is difficult at the beginning. This problem is also a top priority. If you take the venue, sign a contract, and other management and operation skills, you can see your situation slowly. This article mainly introduces how to analyze whether a venue is suitable for launching doll machine equipment. As for how to negotiate and sign a venue, it will be shared in the article of shopping mall negotiation skills.

The doll machine is a recreational and entertainment project. The consumers covered are mainly young people aged 10-30. The main users are 20-year-old, so there are two very prominent points, one is entertainment consumption, and the other is Young people consume.

Commonly used placement points are cinema supermarkets, KTV school residential quarters around the subway, sports scenes, clubs, city features, secret rooms, karting, archery, rock climbing, etc. See here to quickly start the brain and think about whether you have these Resources TT, these venues generally have several characteristics.

There are many young people, many couples, and many children. People are going to spend a lot of leisure and entertainment. The items that need to be consumed need to wait.

The shopping malls are more special, because the current high-end shopping malls are very unique in positioning, basically covering large projects such as gold jewelry, catering, clothing and luggage cosmetics, life supermarkets, cinemas, so the mall has more locations to do equipment. Delivery, for example, by the side door of the main entrance, next to the elevator, outside the restroom, rest area, children's area, next to the specialty store (this is sometimes important), etc., because the general planning of the mall does not take into account the location of the doll machine type. Demarcated, so many locations are based on chat with you, and the relationship with society.

Therefore, with some commonly used launch areas, we can analyze the flow of people in the lower position, the resident population, the working population, the floating population, and need to look at the surrounding houses and industrial facilities. For example, some places in Guangzhou are specialized in auto parts. Then, around 5 kilometers is a supporting industry around the auto parts. Although there are a lot of people, it needs to be kept in mind. The main point is that people are the conditions, but the two natures of entertainment and young people. It can't be completely lost.

One thing that needs to be reminded is that the doll machine is a business that needs to watch weekends and holidays. In other words, the revenue data on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is usually several times that of a few days, so some venues. There may be fewer people in the middle of the week, but if you have more people on the weekend, you don't have to worry about it. The field situation of the flow of people, divided into two paragraphs a week, Monday to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, holidays, the day is divided into the afternoon and evening, the crowd is generally the proportion of teenagers, office workers, housewives and children, resulting in A rough ratio is fine.