PP Tiger 2 gift machine: cute strike

- Sep 12, 2018-

PP Tiger 2 gift machine: cute strike

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PP Tiger 2 claw crane machine is a continuation of the PP Tiger, a cute gift machine tailored for children. PP Tiger 2 continues the characteristics of PP Tiger, dazzling colorful LED lighting, plus the cute PP Tiger theme design, still has won the applause in appearance. Stable game programs, reliable quality is indispensable. PP Tiger has won the "China Animation Game Industry - 2014 Excellent Game Machine". PP Tiger 2 will continue its advantages, blue is better than blue.

On this basis, in order to meet the child's height needs, the console is lowered to a suitable height to facilitate the operation of children. At the same time, the transparent glass machine top cover design allows the player to look down on the whole situation and more accurately grasp the claw's lower jaw orientation, so that the crane machine is not only suitable for children, but also adults can enjoy it, suitable for players of all ages. Moreover, the padlock design of the machine allows the machine to be used not only in various video game venues, but also in the needs of the shopping malls, etc., to meet the needs of various customers.

Reduce the height of the console according to the height characteristics of the child player. The transparent machine top cover design makes it easy for the player to look at the whole situation and observe the angle in multiple directions, which is more convenient and accurate to grasp the position of the lower jaw.