Resistance to aliens, sci-fi VR new work Star Attack Mission 2 struck

- Feb 20, 2019-

Resistance to aliens, sci-fi VR new work "Star Attack Mission 2" struck


The new sci-fi game "Star Attack Mission 2" developed by Shortbreak Studios is officially launched. Players will drive high-tech space fighters to take a series of suicide missions to resist alien invasions, hoping to have the opportunity to destroy the enemy's huge mothership. The planet and home to which the player belongs.

Shortbreak Studios said that in this high-speed game, players will try to destroy a mothership that covers the player's planet, and use high-speed fighters to find ways to destroy the intruder. The game emphasizes that the arcade-like experience is very easy to get started but thinks It's not so easy to be proficient, players will experience the game scene based on Unreal Engine 4, facing many obstacles and death traps in the huge spaceship. In the mission mode, the game has a total of 54 levels, players can find ways to detect, infiltrate or even destroy and repel alien enemies.

In addition, the game has upgrade settings, players can unlock and upgrade new pilots, and customized, while "Star Attack Mission 2" also has a battle mode, players can enjoy the fun of competing with friends. Star Trek Mission 2 supports the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets, which are currently available for $9.99.