Self-service mini KTV

- Jan 24, 2019-

Self-service mini KTV


Self-service mini KTV, which originated from Japan and was later introduced into China, is a new form of k-song entertainment. With the help of mobile payment of China's "four new inventions", it realizes the unattended self-service store mode. With the help of WeChat open platform, online recording sharing and social contact are realized.

Within a few years, the new k-pop entertainment model attracted more than 20 brands to enter the competition, and nearly 200 million yuan of capital bets.

Statistics show that in 2017 alone, the ministry of culture registered more than 50,000 self-service mini KTVS. These devices have become extremely popular in business circles, cinemas, game halls, universities and other scenes in first-tier, second-tier, third-tier and fourth-tier cities across the country.

From 2018, however, the trend toward "barbaric growth" has shifted

According to incomplete statistics, in the whole year of 2018, less than 30,000 self-service mini KTVS were registered and filed by the ministry of culture, and the market capacity of the entire Chinese mini KTVS was less than 80,000.

Secondly, the focus of entertainment function.

Different from before 2018, the various fancy gameplay derived from the market has disappeared, and the unwanted redundant function of occupying cost has disappeared, and the entertainment function related to music has become more focused.

The rhetoric about the self-service mini KTV product positioning has also changed: it is no longer "small consumption to solve users' fragmented time", but should become "ritual sense to provide users with high-quality entertainment experience".

After all, in terms of taking up users' fragmented entertainment time, even excluding smartphones, there are too many products that can compete with self-service mini-ktvs, such as: doll machines, massage chairs, lipstick machines, selfie machines, bags machines...

With the gradual disappearance of the dividend of Internet traffic, the competition for offline traffic becomes more and more fierce, and the core of this competition is still the competition for users' attention.

This quickly makes the "solving user fragmentation time" argument a false one -- users have too many options for fragmentation time to fill.

In the second half of the Internet, with its growing emphasis on the viability of business models and the power of its core technologies, the same is true for all the entertainment industries that rely on the Internet:

Master the user demand, segment the user market, to provide users with more and more high-quality entertainment experience, become the self-service mini KTV industry of all parties.

From barbaric growth to industry shuffling

As one of those who entered the industry three years ago, cheng liang (not his real name) had no idea that he would have so few market research subjects this year.

"There are only three or five that are worth investigating, and the rest have all but disappeared." Cheng remembered that when he just entered this industry, as a market research manager, he needed to sort out the research reports of nearly 20 brands.

"Brands with a 'quick buck' mentality are quitting in large Numbers. They have neither the strength of software research and development nor the guarantee of hardware technology. It is normal for them to be shuffled by the market." Cheng liang believes that in this line of business to the present and continue to have the ability to expand the market, are worthy of respect.

"At the beginning, I could choose from seven or eight models in a dozen booths, but I only had an impression of three brands.

In the end, aliow chose the "prettiest looking" karaoke bar because he thought it was young, attractive girls who liked to sing in the glass room.

"Not the most profitable one, but the one with a healthy profit margin," aliow said of the profitability of the 30 self-service mini-ktvs in his recreation hall.

Cheng liang and aliow's intuition for the market may mean that this emerging market, which was once crowded, is no longer the so-called "lying down can also make money", but has a reputation, the strength of the brand manufacturers in the depth of human and financial force, has initially dingding river's lake potential market.