Shopping mall Children's Amusement Park Upgrade: Seizing the needs of parents is the key

- Jan 17, 2019-

Shopping mall Children's Amusement Park Upgrade: Seizing the needs of parents is the key


According to statistics, in 2017, the number of children's parent-child business in the first- and second-tier cities in the country accounted for 10%-25%, and the consumption of children in major shopping malls became the main force. Among them, children's amusement parks have become the standard of various shopping malls and supermarkets, playing an important role in attracting family passengers and promoting consumption.

As soon as the demand for parents increases, it will promote the upgrade of the park.

Throughout the development of children's paradise, the current foreign children's playground industry has formed a relatively mature industrial chain and profit model after a long period of construction. Foreign children's parks pay special attention to children's development in terms of emotion, body, morality, society and knowledge, and provide a good environment for self-confidence and self-worth. They help them develop their skills and develop their quality while they are happy. Therefore, parents They are very happy to take their children to the children's amusement park for consumption.

In China, in the first two years, the children's paradise in the mall is mainly based on game play. However, with the growth of parents after the 80s and 90s, the naughty castles and ocean balls that once smashed into the glory can no longer meet the expectations of young parents. Children's play equipment such as slide slides and slogans are becoming more and more popular. Most of the parents pay more attention to the safety and health of the park, and prefer the one-stop theme park that is “educational and imaginative”. Parents said: "When you want to play, you can exercise your body and intelligence. The higher the richness of the content, the better." Such general demand has also contributed to the transformation and upgrading of domestic parks.

Second, "theme" and "scale" into upgrade keywords

In order to meet the children of more ages, the scale effect is also gradually highlighted in the children's amusement parks in the mall. It is understood that there are many children's parks in many shopping malls. Although the large children's paradise is very much occupied by shopping malls, the shopping malls are still rushing. In this regard, some insiders pointed out that for the emerging children's experience brand, it promotes circular consumption through interactive integration, brings multiple business opportunities, and achieves children's consumption “1+2” and “1+4” through family participation or integration of business groups. The siphon effect forms a multi-user layer of household consumption.

Sanchao enhances interactive participation and differentiates

In the upsurge of the transformation and upgrading of this children's amusement park, homogenization competition is also intensifying. Most of the domestic children's business models are based on foreign design and operation models, and lack of features. In order to stand out in the market, we must pay attention to the improvement of service quality and the ability to integrate resources. “Now most of the children's amusement parks are just a place for children to play. Parents can only watch them. It would be better if there were parents and children involved in the project.”

Nowadays, the children's amusement park is developing in the direction of “communication”, “interaction” and “participation”. In the future, under the constant stimulation of market changes and consumer demand, how will this field develop, and what kind of new parent-child industry chain will breed, which is expected.