Small cat lottery machine

- Oct 25, 2018-

Small cat lottery machine


The Cat Confectionery is an original design concept with a single-screen, two-seat, and it has an eye-catching appearance in many coin-pressing games. The bright and refreshing overall design echoes the game's content, using three primary colors of white, blue and green, and then embellished with wood color to create the same game screen. In addition, the square shape on the side of the console, in addition to the light change effect, also echoes the design concept of "animal square". The overall LED lighting configuration is also the design focus, LED lighting will follow the game process and produce different changes, creating a happy atmosphere.

Description of the game of the child cat lottery machine:

The elves in the picture will be given a random [treasure box] and [gems] to the player. When “Animal Blocks”, “Tabs”, and “Gemstones” fall to the sunflowers in the front scoring area, extra lucky elements can be obtained in addition to the basic rewards.

After the lucky flower set is full, the [Lucky Turntable] will be launched. There are 12 kinds of awards in the turntable, including 3 free games, 6 game rewards and 3 time-sensitive items.

Another accumulating element gem must be dropped to the sunflower to be collected successfully. When you collect 5 colors of gems, you can participate in the Challenge JP Awards, and players have the chance to receive the highest reward.

The player coin can activate the "treasure wheel runner" directly above the screen. Press the “OK button” to stop the rotation of the treasure chest and drop the corresponding animal square on the wheel to the surface. In the process of dropping the animal block, you can use the “knob” to move the treasure chest and move left and right to determine the position behind the animal square. The number on the animal box represents the lottery available, the bigger the square, the higher the reward.