Sno cross motor simulator game machine

- Oct 15, 2018-

Sno cross motor simulator game machine


Snow motor is a simulated sports game in the winter. It is a simulated racing game console. The game is a 42-inch LCD panel with a high-definition graphical interface plus a sports seat that allows the player to fully integrate into the game, the immersive experience of this extreme game.

The snow motor has six snow racers, six snowmobiles, and a crazy custom upgrade sled. Snow motors have seven exciting tracks, France, China, Antarctica, Alaska, Washington, Moscow, and Colorado. You can travel around the world on these seven tracks.

The game is officially licensed by ESPN, and the driver can use the same skills as in extreme sports. The powerful space gives you more time to try crazy tricks. You can throw snowballs at your opponent and knock down your opponent to get a lead. Snowmobiles can use up to 8 online matches to pass the LAN, increasing the excitement of the game.


1.The player puts enough game tokens and presses the convex button (start, confirm, accelerate) in the middle of the seat head. Enter the game selection screen; as long as you swing the car to the left and right, you can select the track, model, and driver (every step needs to be pressed the convex button is determined).

2.After selecting the track, model, and driver, press the convex button again, the player can enter the game; the player can control the sled (motorcycle) by pressing the motorcycle throttle analog controller with the right thumb, and swing the body to control the sled ( The steering of the motorcycle).

3. During the game, the player can accelerate the ski as long as the button is pressed. Press the red ellipse button on the left side of the head of the seat to throw the snowball to hit the opponent and let the opponent's speed drop. It can improve the speed, refreshment and irritability of the game.

4. The game can play online for 2 to 8 people. When the player chooses to play, they can enter the battle screen and enjoy the fun of multiplayer racing. The operation method is the same as above.