Someone or none? How will the doll shop operator decide?

- Aug 17, 2018-

Someone or none? How will the doll shop operator decide?


1. Manned and unattended are essentially two different management modes. 

In the selection of people on duty and unattended, actually two different management modes are considered. So in the choice of which way, the first thing to consider is the actual situation of their own site. It doesn't mean that what works in someone else's place will work in your own place. Therefore, the first thing to do is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of these two modes before making a choice.


2.There is neither man nor man, but they have their own advantages and disadvantages

Most of the unattended options are piecemeal toy machines that run alongside shopping malls and movie theaters. A large part of the reason for choosing unattended is that unattended can avoid labor costs. However, the disadvantage of unattended operation is also obvious. The machine will often break down, but because no one is on duty, even if the machine fails, no one can repair it in time, which will greatly affect the site benefit. At the same time, the unattended management also has the very big malpractice. As we often see on the news: a child of four or five years old got into the doll machine, if no one found out in time, it caused the future of the accident, it can be seen that the abuse of unguarded is obvious.

Although the cost of someone on duty is higher than that of nobody on duty, but for the operators of the doll machine shop, the value given by someone on duty is inferior to that of nobody on duty. When the player is grabbing the doll, the shop assistant can interact with the player on the side. Through the interaction between the shop assistant and the player, the story of the brand can be inserted into the content of the conversation, so that the player can have a better understanding and understanding of the brand, thus narrowing the distance between the brand and the player. It can be seen that having someone on duty is more conducive to the output of brand concept. For the operators of chain doll machine shops, brand concept is a crucial part of chain shop chain of doll machine stores, and it is also a basic part that can expand the chain shop of doll machine across the country. In addition, employees can teach players how to clip dolls when interacting with players, or change the doll's position to make it look more attractive and make players think, "hey, they don't want me to clip dolls away." To increase the player's confidence in the store, thus from the occasional play to frequent doll machine shop experience. In addition, during this communication, it is also the best time to obtain "intelligence". Operators can use employees to directly learn about players' preferences. Players' preferences for dolls are random, and they change with the tide. The only way to know is to be "integrated" with the player.


3. With the popularity of the claw crane game machine shop, someone on duty will become the mainstream choice.

In 2018, we can find that more and more people choose to run the doll machine shop, just operate the doll machine, and no longer, like before, just a supporting player in the video game city. Compared to unattended, manned duty is more suitable for the operation of the doll machine shop. The location of the gift is not good, not easy for the player to grasp, the shop assistant can immediately change the position; Machine failure, also can be repaired immediately, player's stickiness is also getting stronger and stronger. Store brand marketing, brand appreciation, shop assistants can be in subtle help output. In the future, more and more jobs are replaced by machines, which is an irreplaceable trend. But we also have to consider the question, what can't machines replace? How to interact with players, only human interaction is more direct, someone on duty, will also become the mainstream choice of operators of future doll machine.