Square running children's play bumper car

- May 14, 2019-

Square running children's play bumper car

How to play children's play bumper cars:

It is the two cars that can collide back and forth with each other. The fun is very interesting and very popular among the children. This year's very popular children's bumper cars are: Porsche bumper cars, tank bumper cars, Thomas bumper cars, small plane bumper cars, walking robots, overlord racing cars. Bumper cars and many other types of bumper cars are very popular styles, and they are also sought after by many children.

The square bumper car, the shell is made of new thick rubberized glass fiber reinforced plastic material, the interior is equipped with LED flashing lights, and there are wonderful and cheerful music, multi-functional play, parent-child seats, one big and one small can play at the same time.

The color of the outdoor operating bumper car:

The color of this car is 5 colors, which are the best-selling red, yellow, blue and green powder. The new bumper car has improved lifting from the configuration. The anti-collision strip is rubber. This rubber strip is more durable. of.

The choice and introduction of operating bumper cars:

How do you choose to run a children's bumper car? Today we will simply say it. The replacement of children's bumper cars is also very fast, the styles are updated very quickly, and the price is also wide. The difference in the configuration of the same model is relatively large. For the first time operators, due to a lot of reasons such as funds, the map is cheap and inexperienced, resulting in late operation difficulties, high maintenance costs, and untimely after-sales, which has frustrated investor confidence.

Bumper car maintenance and maintenance

1. Check the top wire on the motor shaft several times a day, and there must be no looseness;

2. Check the screws of each part before the operation every day, and there must be no looseness;

3. Inject 1-2 drops of oil into the wheels and bearings before the operation every day;

4. It is strictly forbidden to overload. Exposure to sunlight is prohibited to prevent discoloration;

5, the battery should be charged in time, 12V battery voltage should not be lower than 10.5V, otherwise the battery is easy to damage;

6. When the battery cable is disconnected and reinstalled, be sure to ensure correct polarity. The red wire is connected to the positive battery and the black wire is connected to the negative battery.

Electric bumper car operation site

1. This product is a children's photography prop. It does not limit the venue and usage when using it. If you don't need it, you can remove the battery.

2. If it is used for amusement management, it should obtain a business license, business license, etc., and the vehicle should be tested and approved by the relevant department before use.

Note on the use of electric bumper cars:

l Do not overload when using! ! ! Use intermittently! (Continuous use of 1 hour interval 20 minutes)

l The battery polarity is not allowed to reverse! ! !

l The ground should be hardened and leveled, and no pits are allowed! ! !