Super Ice shooter water jet: the first multi-tube volley cannon

- Sep 10, 2018-

Super Ice shooter water jet: the first multi-tube volley cannon

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As the first water jet game console with a large water cannon, the Ice Water Shooting Jet has successfully attracted the attention of many game hall operators. In fact, the Ice Shooter game machine is not just a big water cannon. So today we come to interpret this differently-produced water-jet game machine from Easyfun.

In order to pursue product differentiation, creative design is very important. The ice shooting water game machine breaks through the traditional single-tube shooting game mode, and adopts a multi-tube volley game mode to give players different surprises with different water flow effects. In addition to making changes to the water flow, it also makes a distinction between the impact of the screen. The big water cannon is like a high-pressure water hitting a zombie. This kind of creative action echoes the screen effect. It can be said that the playability of the game has once again increased to a new level.

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For video games, the game screen is absolutely important, which is the most important factor in the revenue of the machine. From the screen experience of the ice shooter game machine, it is not difficult to see that the image quality and fluency are carefully designed. The screen has no flash screen phenomenon, and the picture is clear and delicate, the color is full, and the visual experience is good.

For the children's business style with holidays as the main profit point, faced with the problem of increasing the attendance rate when there are many people, the main starting point of the above design of the ice shooter water jet is here. The difficulty here is how to balance the difficulty. The super ice shooter's blame has made many calculations. The single-player and the double-player "zombies" come out differently, and the difficulty of playing and continuing to play for the first time is different.

The water gun used in the Ice Shooter is also very popular in design. The standard design of most traditional water jet guns has a relatively large hidden danger. The main reason is that the structure of the traditional gun is shaking the whole gun during the game, the child's input in the game process will be vigorously shaken in multiple directions, which directly leads to the wear of potentiometers, wires and springs under the console. The failure rate becomes higher and higher with the use of the player, and the experience of the player is also reduced. The newly designed water jet gun of the ice shooter water jet is that the base does not shake, and the spring design with drawbacks is abandoned, which makes the experience of the gun more lubricated and the life is greatly extended.