Teach you how to choose a lottery machine?

- Oct 16, 2018-

Teach you how to choose a lottery machine?


Operators often need to fully understand the consumption habits and consumption concepts of local consumer groups before choosing lottery machine equipment, so that matching, management and planning are targeted. Although lottery machines have many hot-selling products, some regions and customers still like to play old lottery machines, resulting in the newly purchased lottery machine not achieving the expected results.

1. The operation of the lottery machine depends on the recognition of the demand market. It can implement diversified business methods and promote incentives for customer consumption and desire. Do "normal choice. Partial innovation".

2. There are a lot of new equipments on the market, but they are all similar. Therefore, the selection should be done in a certain way.

3, the number of lottery machines is configured according to the characteristics of the lottery equipment, as the configuration of the lottery machine generally accounts for about 30% of the entire field. According to different standards, the lottery equipment can be divided into children's, adult, family, etc., the variety is complete, and the styles are numerous, in order to give the guests more choices and more joy.

For details, please refer to the following example:

1) There are medium-sized items: such as lucky wheel or lucky ball;

2) Confrontational competition: such as double players air hockey;

3) Entertaining: such as hitting, shooting, pitching;etc