Technical features of VR

- Jul 23, 2017-

VR art is accompanied by a new and independent art emerged virtual reality era ", in the" Virtual Reality Art: metaphysical ultimate re creation "in the article, the following definition of VR Art:" virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) technologies such as artificial intelligence as a means to use the art form, known as virtual reality art, VR art. The main features of this art form are hypertext and interactivity."

"As a comprehensive reflection of the frontier of modern science and technology, VR art is a new art form of language visualization and interaction of complex data through man-machine interface, it is important to attract artists, in close combination of artistic thinking and technology tools and two deep penetration produced by the new cognitive experience. Compared with the new media art under the traditional windows operation, interactive and extended man-machine dialogue is the key to the unique advantages of VR art. In a holistic sense, VR art is an interactive art form based on a new type of human-computer dialogue, and its greatest advantage lies in the construction of dialogue between the works and the participants, and reveals the process of meaning generation through dialogue.

The artist through the application of VR and AR technology, can be used as a natural means of human-computer interaction control works in the form of shape not more immersive art environment and reality to achieve the dream, and gives the process of creating a new meaning. Interactive channels such as interactive system with the property of VR can be set to the audience through multiple sensory and through the device, the artist can use the software and hardware of the smooth cooperation between participants and works to promote communication and feedback, to create a good participation and maneuverability; can also carry out motion capture through the video interface, the storage of visitors the behavior of fragments, in order to maintain awareness of the participants as the basis, a simultaneous screening enhancement effect and re shaping, the processed image; through augmented reality, mixed reality and other forms of digital world and the real world together, the audience can control their actions through text projection, such as data glove can provide force feedback the moving scene, 360 degree rotating sphere space not only strengthened the work of immersion, but also can make the view People enter the interior of the work, manipulate it, observe its process, and even give the audience the opportunity to participate in re creation."