Ten of the most popular VR theme park rides

- Jul 23, 2017-

VR virtual reality is an exciting new technology that has the potential to make interactive entertainment more creative and experiential. The VR theme park has become more and more popular despite the recent listing of VR display devices.

1, the roller coaster car VR

Now the theme park, there will be some car roller coaster rides. These traditional roller coaster projects are slowly getting tired of the masses. With the advent of VR technology, many theme parks have added VR to the experience of roller coasters.

2, dynamic cockpit VR

In the popular version of VR head display device has not yet been listed, dragon Cheng Electronics has been using the Oculus development version of DK2 head show, developed into a 9DVR dynamic cockpit experience museum.

3, VR dynamic cinema

5D dynamic cinema has been a very popular project in the theme park. Last year, the largest 5D animation theater in Asia, Zhuhai Changlong theme park, opened its business. In the VR dynamic cinema, the audience's demand for large screens has shifted to full surround display technology for VR.

4, large venues VR battle

Two years ago, an American had built a VR theme park in its warehouse. The experiencer carries a pack of backpacks and holds a VR recreational gun, grouping VR in a large warehouse. The position sensor in the warehouse projects the player into a virtual gaming environment.

5, HTC Vive theme park experience

In fact, any one of the first shows can also serve as a VR theme park experience project. We've got a high-tech seat that allows visitors to experience Oculus, SONY, PSVR, HTC, Vive, and it'll be fun and fun. But after all, HTC Vive is a station can play VR, and its laser locator can track all our heads and hands action two game controller, so it can make us in the virtual environment, and can move around and use both hands to do all kinds of things.

6, networking battle VR

It is true that the VR treadmill allows people to walk freely in the virtual world, but this way of walking is, after all, very different from real walking. The VR treadmill requires not only a certain amount of time to master the technique, but also an easy way to relate to the fact that you are laying the floor with your feet to control the person walking in the virtual environment, which is very affecting immersion. This is almost a solution to control progress with your feet instead of actually walking in a virtual environment. And after a long period of time, the experience must be very uncomfortable. It's just as difficult as we go after walking on the ground after skating. But the slippery walk way, may also affect the day after we walk. Guangzhou dragon Cheng Electronics developed an unlimited tour VR theme park equipment, the use of joystick control walking mode, which is CS and CF mouse and keyboard control approach closer. Players do not care about the immersion of every move, simple and easy to operate, and the fun of the game is also very critical.

7, racing VR

Racing games are very common in video games, and there are already a variety of racing games in video games. Some game equipment manufacturers, before also introduced a number of three freedom sense of moving racing game console, and called it 8D dynamic cinema. In fact, racing VR theme park equipment is also very simple, mainly through the VR head to significantly replace the traditional game console lcd. In fact, we need to know that VR is a display technology that can do so instead of all the traditional display techniques. Long Cheng Electronics is also very good for racing VR, the launch of its racing VR named VR unlimited driving platform". Sitting in the cockpit of the VR unlimited driving platform, you can experience the unprecedented hurricane stimulation in the cockpit with a 360 angle of view. Four degrees of freedom dynamic platform, can also bring unparalleled telepresence. VR racing style theme park equipment, the most important is to have more sharp appearance, more eye-catching decorations, to lure tourists.

8, shooting type VR

The shooting rides are always very popular, before the stall on the balloon with air gun, and the city of all the shooting machine, have proved popular shooting game.

9, riding VR

VR there are movies besides games, but at the moment, games are just faster than movies. This is mainly because VR movies add dimension to traditional movies, and the two dimensions become three-dimensional, so the whole content is completely different. This makes it difficult to make VR movies. How much data does it take to form a IMAX world that allows us to walk by?. And riding VR theme park experience project, you can let us regain all the glorious image of the film. We can film a passage of light and shadow through a scenic 720 - bit camera, along a Scenic Trail, or a canyon with spectacular views on either side. We ride on VR bicycles, and we can ride along the fixed lines when we are in a hurry.

10, sled type VR

The sled VR is simpler, and many of us have experienced the body style sled game before the television. Now, the sled VR theme park facility builds a virtual ski scene. We can experience the fun of sledding while without professional guidance.