The application of large 5D dynamic cinema in museums

- Jul 23, 2017-

The 5D cinema in addition to stereo images, and the wind, rain, thunder, electricity, fire, smoke effects, helplessness, and falling movement. The viewer can also sense the film with his sense of touch, in addition to sight and hearing. The films in the museum convey culture and technology, and we can also say that the 5D dynamic cinema is for the audience to use their senses to touch these cultures and technologies so that information can be better conveyed.

The car is relatively easy to move through the 5D dynamic cinema, showing a beautiful and fun side of technology. And other historical, natural and art museums can use 5D to convey information?. The same is Shanghai World Expo, dark oil gallery. In the 5D theater, a short film on the oil dream is shown to allow visitors to witness the billions of years of oil evolution, and oil has been transformed into forests by hundreds of millions of years. The film began to roar in swarms in the pristine tropical rain forest, like bumblebees. The 5D seat in the cinema swings left and right, and with the vibrations, the audience seems to be constantly dodging. Can hide to hide, or there is a fly to the audience on the tip of the nose, the suddenness of a thunderbolt from a poison bomb, with a faint scent, the audience's face was wet.

A variety of museums can convey cultural and scientific information through the 5D dynamic cinema. Here are a few more examples of 5D dynamic cinema in museums:

Jinsha Museum of ruins

Jinsha Ruins Museum is a museum of ancient Shu city ruins in twelfth Century bc. A cultural landscape, Ruins Museum and exhibition hall exhibition hall, which screened the 5D cinema in the film "Sands dreaming".

Two 、 National Animal Museum

The national animal museum is the world's largest and most comprehensive museum of modern animal classification and evolution. The National Animal Museum, 5D dynamic cinema, is located on the east side of the ground floor with 48 seats. With the theme of zoology, select some domestic and foreign films "blue country" and "return to the Permian" and other popular science videos.

Three 、 the new museum of Tianjin Natural History Museum

The new museum of natural history of Tianjin is located in Tianjin cultural center, with 400 thousand biological specimens. It is the first natural, panoramic and panoramic exhibition of natural history, science experience and science education in china. 5D dynamic cinema, science scene theater, let the children immersive, feel the magic of nature, experience the charm of science and technology and cultural integration.