The application of VR

- Nov 13, 2017-

The application of VR

In fact, not only in online games, but now we have the use of VR, most of them are VR glasses, and also have VR headsets. These should be based on key technologies, so let's continue with the technology today.


1. Real-time 3d computer graphics

Using computer models to produce graphic images is not too difficult. If there is enough accurate model and time, we can produce accurate images of various objects under different lighting conditions, but the key here is real-time. For example, in flight simulation system, the image refresh is very important, and the requirement for image quality is very high, and the problem becomes very difficult with very complicated virtual environment.

2. Speech recognition

It is important to communicate and interact with people. In VR systems, a virtual environment is required to understand human language. But it is quite difficult to make the computer identify the human voice, because the speech signal and the natural language signal have the "multiboundary" and the complexity. The use of human natural language as computer input currently has two problems. Firstly, it is the efficiency problem, which can be very verbose for the computer to understand. Then there is the question of correctness, and the way computers understand speech is by contrast, and no one's intelligence.

3. Sound judgment

The direction of the sound source is well judged. In the horizontal direction, we determine the direction of the sound by the difference between the phase difference and intensity of the sound, because the time or distance between the two ears is different. The common stereo effect is to listen to different sounds recorded at different locations, so there is a sense of direction. In real life, when the head turns, the direction of the sound is changed. But at present, in VR system, the direction of the sound has nothing to do with the movement of the user's head.