The application of VR(virtual reality) key technologies around us

- Nov 12, 2017-

The application of VR(virtual reality) key technologies around us

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Now if you don't know VR, then you're off track with The Times. If you are a men who love to play games, you must want to experience the game wearing virtual reality helmet, it is the application of virtual reality technology in our side, then you know what is the key technology? Let's see.

1. Combine feeling with vision

In an artificial environment, each object has a position and posture relative to the system's coordinate system, and so does the user. What the user sees is determined by the location of the user and the direction of the head (eye). Tracking head movement of the virtual reality headset: in the traditional computer graphics, the change of the field is done by mouse or keyboard, the user's visual system and motion detection system is the separation, the head tracking and used to change the perspective of image, the user's visual system and motion detection system can connect, feel more realistic.

2. Visual display

People look at the world around us, two eyes to see a slightly different images, the images in your head together, forming a view about the world around us as a whole, this scene includes information of distance. Of course, distance information can be obtained by other means, such as the distance of the focal length of the eye, the comparison of object size. In VR system, binocular stereo vision plays a big role. The different images that the user's two eyes see are produced separately and displayed on different displays. Some system USES a single display, but after users to wear special glasses, one eye can only see the odd frames, another eye sees only the even frame, the difference between odd and even frame is the parallax is created stereo feeling.

3. Sensory feedback

In a VR system, you see the cups. You can reach out and grab it, but your hand doesn't touch the cup, and it's possible to cross the "surface" of the virtual cup, which is impossible in real life. The common device for solving this problem is to install some vibrating contacts in the inner layer of the gloves to simulate the touch.