The business advantage of the children's game machine industry

- Dec 24, 2018-

The business advantage of the children's game machine industry


The development of children's game consoles requires companies to grow bigger and have their own characteristics. In the same environment, you can run faster than your opponent, and you can make yourself invincible. So how do you do better than your opponent and run faster? This requires differentiated competition and the formation of its own characteristics. Compared with the average children's game machine store, the chain operation has lower procurement cost, good brand effect, complete procurement supply chain, and stronger digestion ability for the machine. In addition, many venues have developed to a certain extent and found that the management of the venue can not keep up. This requires a clear division of labor for the management team, while adopting new thinking and using new management software to allow the venue to operate in an orderly manner. At the same time, in addition to the consistent profitability of the children's game machine store, as far as possible to find other ways of profit, diversified profit methods can help the site to make more profit. The four key points of the competitiveness of children's game store are detailed as follows:


First, the stability and change of the game machine

To ensure the stability of the quality of the children's game machine, the player can not be faulty during the process of playing, check the station regularly, see if the machine is running normally, whether the appearance of the machine is damaged, and whether it is safe, etc.; The decoration layout needs to be changed, and the adjustments are made at regular intervals, so that the player does not have aesthetic fatigue.


Second, service standardization

The children's game machine service is divided into four levels. The first is the basic service, which means that the customer smiles and the work efficiency is high. Secondly, the service level in the store is stable, the waiter can not affect the customer's service because of his own preference; Beyond the player's imagined service, let him have a surprise; the last is the moving service, let the player become a loyal fan of the store, will not easily abandon you.


Third, the environmental comfort

From the feelings of children's game console players, according to their aesthetic design and decoration of children's game machine shop, from the ceiling to the store's promotional posters, from the placement of the machine to the comfort of the seat, etc., according to their thinking and let them feel the environment is very comfortable.


Fourth, marketing means

Every child's game machine store needs to find ways to market, and who has more marketing means, it is easier to win in the market competition.