The coin-operated lottery machine has become a new breakthrough in the playground

- Dec 19, 2018-

The coin-operated lottery machine has become a new breakthrough in the playground


The operation of the coin-operated lottery machine requires only simple display and gift redemption. In fact, it is not as simple as it is imagined. After more than 20 years of evolution, the lottery machine operation is no longer a simple display, and requires more technical content and many internal details. The mechanical appearance of plagiarism has not played a decisive role. Investors must pay attention to the operating values of the lottery machine, control the technical cost of the gross profit of the machine, and establish a brand management strategy. The growth of the lottery machine market is completely consistent with the pace of modern product marketing. It shows that the success of the lottery machine has a strong commercial operation as the basis, not relying on illegal speculation to deceive success. This is the fact that we must face squarely!

In fact, the coin-operated lottery machine is a very common type of machine in the commercial animation game industry. Broadly speaking, the lottery machine is a pure entertainment device that has the function of the appropriate amount of lottery paper in the entertainment and entertainment venues, and exchanges the lottery paper for gifts. In a narrow sense, the lottery machine is a purely entertaining and prize-winning game.

However, in the period of severe industry encounters, the lottery machine was once controversial. Generally speaking, since the lottery machine has a relatively stable ticketing rate and the exchanged gifts are relatively simple, the players are happy and peaceful when they try to play the lottery machine, and it does not constitute a phenomenon of addiction to the players. The return rate of the lottery machine in the general video game hall is controlled at 3-40 votes/coin, and the whole return rate is controlled at 5-25 votes/coin. The prize value set by the amusement hall should be below 200-500 yuan. If it exceeds this range too much, it constitutes a suspect in disguised gambling. It is also because some lawless elements use the coupon function of the lottery machine to maliciously increase the coupon rate and the value of the prizes, so that the attributes of the lottery machine were once questioned by the relevant departments.


Can the coin-operated lottery machine make it a new breakthrough for the playground to survive?

Those gifts that are exchanged for their useful lottery papers are not expensive and can be purchased at nearby malls. But the children get the lottery through their own coin-operating, observing and personal experience of the game, and then use the lottery to exchange their favorite gifts, this is a very fun experience. Parents often try to play with the children. In the process, the adults can also fully relax and form a warm and good interaction with the children. This is one of the meanings of the coin-operated lottery machine.