The continuous rollout of VR (VR) industry has become a hotspot

- Jan 02, 2018-

The continuous rollout of VR (VR) industry has become a hotspot

Since 2015, the VR (virtual reality) industry has become a hotspot with the continuous introduction of consumer new technology products. 2017 is called "the first year of the VR industry". Smart phones, mobile client, the mobile Internet and the integration of virtual product, not only has brought great changes to people's lives, also further changes the traditional industry, has given rise to a large number of emerging industries.

Industry experts point out that, at present, our country development of VR industry is by the user, technology, hardware, content, developers, channels, capital and other forces push together, a benign VR industry ecosystem has been preliminarily established, and are forming a set of tools and equipment industry application, content production and distribution platform, the industry chain, including the related services.

At the national level, virtual reality industry, as a new strategic industry, is highly valued by the state, with high density distribution of relevant policy measures and planning schemes. Government departments have launched a number of special policies for industrial development, encouraging, supporting and promoting the development of virtual reality industries.

Qiao yushan, deputy director of the electronic information division of the ministry of industry and information technology, said at the recent international conference on virtual reality that developing virtual reality industries could promote integration and innovation. By using virtual reality as industry grab, we can promote cross-boundary integration in different fields, and then define new standards and technologies, and even break out disruptive new products and new markets. Development of virtual reality can boost industry change, which is beneficial to break the traditional closed to each other, the chimney type of framework of industrial development, industrial chain backbone enterprise in the field of different series, a breakthrough in single point by the industry to expand industry ecological transformation. Developing virtual reality industry can flourish content application. Virtual reality business is rich in form, large industry potential and strong social benefit. VR application is accelerating into the production and life field. He also pointed out that in the future, must be from fortified interdisciplinary technical reserves, rich products effective supply, the application of virtual reality key industries and construction industry support service platform to carry out the work, to guarantee the healthy development of virtual reality industry.