The details of gift machine business

- Oct 17, 2018-

The details of gift machine business


As a service provided by the guest, the doll crane machine has only a few profit models.

1. Earn profits directly through customer spending.

2. Earn advertising costs by attracting popularity and attracting traffic to achieve the purpose of advertising.

3.Not for the purpose of profit, or even operating at a loss, mainly to accumulate popularity, for better sales of other products.


How to put the layout of the gift machine to make money

1. Flexibly use the storefront or the golden location near the counter. Most people have the habit of going from the right to the left. Commercial real estate is a good choice on the first floor of the entrance or in the entertainment floor and cinema.

2.The placement should not be too scattered, it is best to do the area alone, easy to play and package.


How to set and regulate the parameters of the gift machine in the operation varies from person to person, but it should be noted that the operation should try to adjust and observe more. Make a record of the gift entry and collection and collection of money, make an analysis, and then make adjustments.