The development of the animation industry drives large game machines

- Nov 20, 2018-

The development of the animation industry drives large game machines

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The development of large-scale game consoles is inseparable from the development of the animation industry. Many game consoles are derived from the animation industry, including the concepts, scenes, and characters in large game consoles. Many of them are extended from animation.


Let's take the simplest example. For example, the Initial D is a Japanese boy cartoon with the theme of mountain road car. The author, Hirano Hino, the protagonist Fujiwara Takuya, has been adapted into the same name animation and movie, and there are many discussions about car driving skills surrounding the book. The initial D-Man comic has just become the champion of the Hong Kong Japanese comics sales list with more than 20,000 copies. Then the initial D racing game console is also popular with the public. Imitating the scenes in the initials D, characters, racing, let the public feel that they are Fujiwara Takuya, driving a car, and competing with others.


For example, the domestic original series TV anime "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf", the swing machine in the large game machine also makes the cute and lovable protagonist of the cartoon into a game machine, which is deeply loved by many children.


There are still many examples like this, so the development of the animation industry will affect the development of large game consoles.