The development of VR

- Sep 03, 2019-

The development of VR

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The development of VR is the demand of The Times. From concept put forward, industry erupts now depressed market. The year 2016 can be said to be the first year of VR industrialization. VR industry chain is maturing, but China's VR industry is in its infancy, and technology has become a key factor affecting VR application depth and user experience.

From concept proposal, prototype exploration, technology accumulation to product iteration and industrial development, VR has gradually expanded from military market to consumer market and gradually penetrated into more industries. This paper analyzes the development of VR pain points and trends.

As early as 1930, the concept of "virtual reality" was put forward. At that time, it was still a stage of illusion. Now, virtual reality has made great strides towards industrialization.

The following are the main stages of VR development:

Concept germination period (1930 ~ 1960) : from concept description in novel works to the emergence of concept, the theory of virtual reality was initially formed. This stage of virtual reality is only in the "virtual" stage, not involved in technology development.

Initial period of research and development (1960-1990) : in 1962, Morton developed a prototype virtual reality machine. In 1973, the earliest graphic scene generator appeared. At this stage, VR is moving from "virtual" to "real". However, due to technical limitations, VR is still in the prototype stage, mostly belonging to military.

Technology accumulation period (1990 ~ 2012) : in 1994, Japan's Sega and nintendo successively launched Sega vr-1, Virtual Boy and other products. In 1996, the first Virtual technology expo was held in London. Advances in computer and graphics processing technology have laid the foundation for VR commercialization, but limited to equipment costs and content application level, VR penetration is not high.

Initial stage of productization (2012 ~ 2015) : in 2012, Oculus Rift was launched, which started the wave of civil VR equipment. In 2014, Facebook, samsung, Google, SONY, HTC and other giants all launched VR device plans. At this stage, VR products enter the consumer market.

Industrialization development period (beginning in 2016) : VR ushered in a big outbreak in 2016, and the products were gradually promoted and popularized, and gradually infiltrated into various vertical industries to achieve industrialization development. At this stage, more enterprises and capital poured into the VR market, more equipment products of different levels emerged, the content industry and technical support became more mature, and the scale of users continued to expand.

2016 is the first year of VR industrialization. Capital will push more enterprises to get involved in VR field, and VR equipment will expand more to the consumer market. Research data of iiMediaResearch shows that since 2015, netizens have gradually raised their attention to VR, and VR games have become a hot topic, especially the release of some products. However, due to the small user base and narrow group coverage, the overall situation has not formed.

In China, VR industry is in its infancy. The industry chain of the whole scale is developing towards the complete direction, but there is a lack of giant enterprises layout overall industry strategy, and currently there is no unified industry standard.