The future is well known: the potential of AR and VR technology.

- Feb 02, 2018-

The future is well known: the potential of AR and VR technology.

Artificial intelligence this word, must be already familiar to everybody already. With the advance of the artificial intelligence market in 2017, the smart speakers, intelligent voice, intelligent robot and other products have all appeared, which will bring a lot of wonderful things to 2017.

However, I don't know if you have enough understanding of the two brothers, VR and AR, VR virtual reality, all kinds of glasses are on the chase, and they are hot in the market. AR augmented reality, including apple and other giants, has also been laid out, bringing vitality to the consumer market.

In 2018, known as the first year of artificial intelligence, in addition to the intelligent voice widely layout, VR and AR will continue to develop, become the focus of attention, but also caused a widely discussed within the industry.

Do you know the difference between VR and AR technology?

Speaking of VR and AR technology, most people just understand that VR technology can directly block the reality and create virtual world, which is called virtual reality. It is to throw the real you into the virtual world. AR technology can add virtual images to the real world, which is called augmented reality, which is to put virtual images into the real world. But do you know the difference between the two?

(1) VR virtual reality.

Virtual reality is the use of PC simulate the three-dimensional virtual world, can be provided to the user simulation about senses such as vision, hearing, and be able to timely, there is no limit to observe things within the three dimensional space, so as to achieve real ones.

Currently, the typical device is the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other VR game helmets. In order to enhance the immersion, this type of equipment generally adopts a closed design.

(2) AR augmented reality.

The augmented reality is through the location and Angle of the camera image and the image analysis technology, so that the virtual world on the screen can be combined and interactive with the real world scene.

Currently, we can refer to the effects of apple ARKit and Google ARCore.

Through virtual reality and augmented reality, we can create two different views and apply them to different scenes. But you know, depending on the foreshadowing of the two techniques, there's a hybrid reality.

(3) mixed reality

Hybrid reality is a combination of real and virtual worlds created by new environments and visualizations, where physical entities and digital objects coexist and interact in real time. The boundary between the mixed reality and the former is very fuzzy. It is the real and virtual co-existence and real-time interaction.

At present, the industry introduces MR device, which is usually characterized by semi-transparent lens for observation of reality, while also taking into account the image of the projection virtual world.

VR and AR, what is the future potential?

For the VR virtual reality and AR AR, AR AR's advantage is without having to rely on powerful computing devices, only through smart phones can achieve a variety of functions; While virtual reality requires equipment and more powerful performance, it is still difficult to achieve satisfactory results. Not only that, but the technologies that we rely on, such as computer graphics, artificial intelligence, network parallel processing, computer simulation and induction, need to be further developed.

So, while augmented reality has the same requirements for technology, the current level is good enough; The ultimate virtual reality allows you to completely immerse yourself in another world, and now the machine can only be seen in film and television.

VR and AR in the future how much potential, from the perspective of the development of short-term, AR augmented reality than VR virtual reality can achieve more satisfactory results, so in the field of consumer, also easier to understand. While virtual reality is limited by technology and hardware, it is currently used for research in entertainment and high-tech fields, and its market prospect is inestimable.

VR virtual reality and AR augmented reality, both of which act on different application scenarios, for daily life our shopping experience and so on, augmented reality allows you to enjoy at home; For daily game entertainment and other projects, virtual reality, take you immersive, feel the charm of real game. Therefore, in terms of the application market, VR and AR technology will have unlimited market potential in the future, which is worth expecting.

With the continuous improvement of technology and the gradual reduction of cost, we believe that we will achieve all this in the future.