The future of VR industry is understood in several scenarios.

- Feb 04, 2018-

The future of VR industry is understood in several scenarios.

The VR technology, which originated in the 1960s, has undergone a bumpy development and is reshaping the way of life of modern people as it moves forward.

The application of new technology must go into the life of ordinary people and become the necessaries of life, so that the industrial spring can be started. The boom in emerging industries such as smartphones, new energy and the Internet of things is a testament to this theory. Today, we are going to look forward to the life scenario application of VR technology, which is a glimpse into the reality of VR.

VR leisure: pay attention to cultural output and turn to cultural tourism industry.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2017, the number of VR experience stores in China has exceeded 6,500. With various small, temporary and functional experience points, the number of VR experience stores nationwide has reached 10,000. In these VR experience stores, VR games have become the absolute leading role, attracting a lot of technology to spend the amount of 50 to 100 yuan per hour to experience.

For this experience price, most consumers are skeptical. Why is it so expensive? Actually it is easy to understand, VR application research and development production requires a lot of cost of capital, and now the consumer market is still not open, input costs can only be passed on to want to experience the VR technology niche consumers.


Therefore, to break up the phenomenon of "crying out" in VR games, we have to start with popularization. And small make up today want to say "popularization", and is not a simple branding, free experience, to reduce the cost, but the VR leisure entertainment function applied to cultural tourism industry, pay attention to cultural exports, the VR application from the "entertainment toy" into "cultural tool".

The text looks like clouds in the clouds, and we look at individual trials and cases that have been successful.

First, it is a VR film, seen as a successor to 3D and IMAX films, and a revolutionary reform of the film industry. VR movies is not only a change of film, creation, in terms of viewing audience have great migration, for example, the audience can not influence the plot lines under the direction of, directly involved in the plot. The impact is unimaginable: you can see the historical boundaries of "barrier and imprison" when watching the last emperor. When you watch the great earthquake in tangshan, you can realize the fragility and tenacity of life. When you watch inception, you can control the space and time you can manipulate... These dreamlike scenes, if you don't feel them, can't be understood and accepted. These cultural experiences are most likely to be presented in the form of VR applications.

Second, VR concerts. The Internet is filled with many "VR concert", but those are not really "VR" concert, they use the Internet for video hd broadcast, and use AR (augmented reality) to strengthen the scene atmosphere, create a feeling of be surrounded by people. Through this app, you might be able to join a chorus of 100,000 people or see the sweat on your idol's forehead, but you end up being just an audience. Real VR concert can achieve, is to participate and companions, we can be a idol's assistant, clothing can be the background, because of your participation, concert can smoothly, thus increasing their own experience and experience. Of course, there is more than just concerts. All kinds of activities and parties can take part in VR application. Everyone can try to be another yourself.

Finally, tourism. Especially at the beginning of this year, a small frog who loves to travel, instead of completing the journey of "walking away" after another, the word "tourism" quickly became popular. Sharing the streets, reviewing delicious snacks and introducing the cultural history of scenic spots, tourism has gradually become the spice of people's life. It is a cruel reality that "money has no time, no time, no money", and often makes us unable to get away from it. At home, we can be a youngest son, to appreciate the tourist attractions with VR, browse all kinds of art venues, view of cultural relics, into all sorts of roaming scenarios, switch the Angle of view, listening to the beautiful melody and professional explanation, at the same time of relaxation, also will be or want to have a deeper understanding. This is probably the easiest to accept.

The cultural tourism industry is an area with unlimited business opportunities, which is not only based on the market level, but also from the policy level. If the VR app takes off the "entertainment first" shell, it is believed that the development of the cultural tourism industry will be like a fish in water.

VR education: create a new education style.

On VR leisure, we put forward the viewpoint of attaching importance to cultural output. Similarly, VR has an absolute advantage in education. Here we are divided into campus education and training education to understand.

Do you remember that the drowsy heat of the afternoon missed the lecturer's calculus? Whether you still can't distinguish dostoyevsky, ostrovsky, and bausowski; Can you explain the combination of hemoglobin and oxygen...

We don't talk about the sweet and bitter taste of education, so we can use VR app to give education vivid and interesting. For example, in the calculus class, a planetary orbit is presented for direct observation and calculation. In foreign literature class, let three Russian writers introduce themselves; In biology class, let students become haemoglobin, self experience union process... The greatest sense of VR application in education, is to cultivate students interest, intuitive vividly answer questions, not only make learning more fun, but also can let students to interact in a virtual environment. The feeling of experiencing is much more interesting than listening to the boring lecture of the teacher, and the learning efficiency will be improved a lot.

However, training education requires more VR application. As VR experience, want to go to Ocean Park, put on VR glasses can, need not planning line, purchase tickets, waiting in line, do not need to spend more money to build a huge Ocean Park. Training education is such a truth, using the VR application, in this land, sea and air three cars, planes, ships in the training, training of party no longer need to arrange training for on-site training, reduce cost, improve efficiency.

The classroom full of VR education is no longer "a piece of chalk, a teaching case". This new informationization teaching method will attract more market attention.

VR shopping: welcome to the era of consumption upgrade.

With the economic opportunity of national supply-side reform and consumption upgrading, VR shopping has gradually come out new business opportunities.

Although the VR shopping scene on taobao in 2017 is forced to be offline due to various reasons, people are still looking forward to it. Besides, other shopping platforms, such as, also have the technology related to VR research. Their network shopping technology is already mature, and it is believed that the shopping mode of loading VR application should not be difficult.

Real life VR shopping has also come a long way. The most common is the virtual dressing mirror in the shopping malls, so that users can directly see the effect of the clothes, even the virtual beauty makeup function, clothing design function and so on.

In the big commodity shopping, VR application is also budding. In real estate, the house is more relaxed, the decoration is more individualized, autonomous, "where to change a point". The same is true of the automobile industry. In the 4S shop, you can get the car you want, and you can drive in all kinds of weather and road conditions, feel the performance of the car, and buy a car that is more suitable for you.

Under the application of VR shopping, the consumption upgrade will not only upgrade the price, but also upgrade the experience, cost performance, personalization and comfort.

VR health: exploration and protection of life.

When asked on the Internet, "will the long-term use of VR have a serious impact on health", the VR app has reached the medical and health fields.

In the medical field, VR application is widely used as the auxiliary tool of doctors. It can be used in various aspects such as surgical training, surgical rehearsal, clinical diagnosis, remote intervention, medical teaching and so on. Surgeon, for example, before the real operation, with the help of lines of VR technology, can repeatedly simulated operation on screen, and moving the body organs, finding the best operation program and improve proficiency. For example, disabled people can obtain a complete virtual digital body through VR environment and participate in rehabilitation training with virtual digital body, and even experience a new life in VR. These VR medical applications are currently unmatched by technology.

On the fitness program, VR application also brings a new experience. High quality graphics ensure a more realistic process experience, and a more precise location tracking system transforms physical movements into virtual worlds.

Of course, the VR application is from the source of high consumer goods, while VR health will face a higher price threshold and fewer potential consumers.