The importance of the gift of the doll machine

- Dec 25, 2018-

The importance of the gift of the doll machine


The doll machine was not a novelty. With the changes in the playground market, it is also being updated. It can be seen in cinemas, pedestrian streets, food and beverage outlets, KTV, playgrounds, etc., and it is often compared in space. Large corridors, placed in a row, combined with the magnificent lighting effects on the doll machine, attracted more customers to stand on the sidelines. For the operator of the doll machine, how can it possibly attract more players?

The important identity of the doll machine to attract more people to play is the resolution, operational skills, user experience, and novel style of the doll. From the perspective of customer experience, the doll machine must achieve super high performance ability to give customers a better user experience. Many doll machines do not need to manually exchange game coins, and there is no one to guard them. Some doll machines also have a QR code attached to the currency exchange place. Indirect use of WeChat scan code QR code can be played. It not only makes consumers feel convenient, but also saves a certain amount of manpower.

The doll machine industry is no longer a new industry. Many operators of doll machines can make a profit when they are lying at home. It’s okay to go shopping in the mall and make up the goods. Some people may ask, “Can the doll machine catch hundreds of hundred?” It’s too hard to catch a doll, no one can play it. If it’s too simple, it won’t make money. How do you catch the customer's psychology? After the operator purchases the doll machine, the manufacturer will have a series of after-sales service on a daily basis, which includes how the operator can operate the doll machine to complete more profits. After purchasing the machine, it can also be more or less indirect. The company headquarters to study, the whole process of pointing.

The doll machine industry is not only looking at the dolls to profit, but to bring more interest to consumers, 85% of the passengers are carrying gifts. Some of them are going to walk around, seeing the fun and attractive gifts to play with; the quality of the dolls in the doll machine also needs attention, and the novelty and funny dolls will double the attention of consumers.