The initial D8 and the crazy speed racing simulator game machine who is the strong?

- Sep 13, 2018-

The initial D8 and the crazy speed racing simulator game machine who is the strong?

Men like cars, just like women like to shop, everyone can have an addiction in the virtual game world, experience a very fast sense of speed. The racing game was born not only for the man who loves the car, but also for the man who is obsessed with the desire to challenge.

The "Initial D" series has been popular in the large-scale game console market for many years. Its very cost-effective word of mouth is also rumored among merchants. The latest version is "Initial D8". The classic arcade racing game in Japan is insurmountable in a short time, but we should not ignore the fact that Chinese original racing games are growing fast. "Crazy Speed" is a large-scale somatosensory racing game developed entirely by the Chinese. It is familiar to them. Who is the strong of the two, there are different opinions.