The insider of the lottery machine high revenue!

- Dec 29, 2018-

The insider of the lottery game machine high revenue!


How high is the lottery machine revenue?

In general, whether it is a comprehensive field or a children's park, the revenue of the lottery area can account for about 40% of the entire revenue, supporting half of the entire site. In some central city stores, the lottery area revenue even has a share of more than 50%, so that the venue is in a fairly favorable profit status and market competitive position. It can be said that without the lottery machine, the site's revenue, competitiveness and ability to continue to operate will be greatly weakened. Among the partially closed venues, the reason for the certain proportion is due to the focus on the lottery machine and the lack of management.

More and more children's parks have also noticed the importance of lottery machines and the opportunities and development prospects they have brought, and gradually transformed the pure children's park into a comprehensive venue. This nationwide expansion wave not only reflects the high value of the lottery machine, but also reflects the gradual transformation of social forms and needs.

Why is the lottery machine high in revenue?

Well, knowing that the lottery machine has such a strong ability to collect money, what is the secret behind it? Xiao Yan privately believes that there are two main reasons: one is to win the fun game and get a gift of double sense of accomplishment, to encourage players to consume; the second is the extensiveness of the player community, and is still expanding.

For the player, the most important thing about the lottery machine is the game content and gifts. This is the root cause of the player's game, and it is also the special place that the lottery machine is different from any other type of machine. The gift is attracted, the player is willing to purchase the coin in order to get the favorite gift; the machine is interesting and playable, and the player is willing to increase the game time and the actual resident time. The core reason for the high revenue of the lottery machine is that it attracts players through interesting games and then gets the lottery for the gift.

This special double sense of accomplishment is difficult for other machines to stand side by side. If you control it properly, you can cultivate loyal customers in the venue and bring continuous consumption. Therefore, the playground should be good at using this feature, choose the fun machine and the gifts that consumers like, so that players can continue to repeat the consumption of money, which is the right way to operate.

Today's lottery machines, from appearance to game content, are beyond the limits of age and gender. The player community is truly magnified, from 5 to 70 years old, all potential consumers, adults, children, parent-child families, women, etc. The proportion of consumption of all types of players is increasingly evenly matched. The wide applicability of the lottery machine has laid the foundation for its popularity.

In recent years, the needs of parents and children have become increasingly strong, and there are more and more projects that focus on parent-child consumption. Lottery machines are also constantly updated and upgraded, in line with market demand. Abandoning the appearance of the cold machine in the past, more and more cute and cute appearance, with simple and not boring, interesting and cumbersome game content, as well as double or three-person settings, have greatly satisfied the family entertainment needs.