The King of Dancing machine

- Nov 05, 2018-

The King of Dancing machine

1-700 (1)

The gorgeous and dazzling design of the King of Dancing machine and the wonderful game screen, the wonderful and powerful dance music, from the 55-inch wide LCD screen, the first thing that catches the eye is the exquisite game screen, the beautiful ballroom, such as thedream scenes, explosive music, realistic cartoon characters and their beautiful dances give players a sense of sight and hearing. I believe that all music lovers will feel comfortable when they see such a machine.

The previous music dance machine was able to dance with beautiful music through a few simple buttons and finger-to-finger operations. But such a game also has certain limitations, can not fully mobilize the body's function and fully play everyone's skills. That is to say, it is only our fingers, not our body. Although the mood is pleasant, but the body is not stretched, it seems a little simple to jump on the keyboard with a few fingers, especially for having a good body and dance hobby. In addition, you can satisfy the keyboard jump between the fingers. Let the whole body move, every cell is boiling, and the release of the mind and passion is the result that everyone expects. The King of Dancing machine meets this requirement of the player.