The knowledge required to repair game simulator

- Sep 19, 2018-

 The knowledge required to repair game simulator

What is needed for game simulator maintenance - knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation of maintenance. If there is no theoretical basis, if you want to repair something, then his chances of success will not exceed one percent. Of course, maintenance is not just about having knowledge. Technology is equally important, but knowledge is a bridge of technology. Only by mastering all kinds of knowledge can you master various technologies.

Then enter the world of simulators, in front of you is a group of technology peaks, you can assert that no one can completely conquer them, because knowledge, experience, technology are inseparable, to conquer them then you need to learn all knowledge, but knowledge is endless, so I dare to say that no one can conquer a field. So, let's take a look at the knowledge needed for repairs.

1. Digital circuit knowledge: The lottery machine motherboard generally uses 51 series of single-chip technology. Of course, some motherboards are more complicated than this, and there are many manufacturers-specific chips. In addition, there are signal detection boards, motor drive boards, electromagnet drive boards, operation control boards, and digital tube drive boards. The car and the gun also have analog/digital conversion, digital/analog conversion, and photoelectric conversion.

2. Analog circuit knowledge: switching power supply, low, high solution scanning, rear projection display, liquid crystal display, some scans like the head 3 is the bus type.

3. Knowledge of various sensors: For example, the Hall element is also used on the beer barrel, and the drum king and the jazz drum have vibration sensors!

4. Computer knowledge: The simulation game machine of the racing class, the music machine is mostly used by the computer host, and most of them are Linux systems, and various encryption technologies are also used.

5. Electromechanical knowledge: Most of the simulators have various mechanical transmission devices, such as the steering wheel and vibration feedback device of the car. The coin channel, push plate and lottery machine of the coin pusher have almost all mechanical devices. There are also various motors: there are AC motors. DC motors (these AC and DC motors generally have deceleration devices). Stepper motors are also used in large gift machines and mining vehicles.

All the above-mentioned knowledge, just the same, will allow us to spend a lifetime studying.