The mini KTV market is hot

- Oct 20, 2018-

The mini KTV market is hot


In the past two years, a mini KTV that looks like a telephone booth has appeared in crowded areas such as shopping malls, cinemas, and dining areas. This new format KTV covers an area of about 2 square meters and can accommodate 2-3 people. It can integrate, sing and record a variety of functions, and is becoming a new consumer fashion.


Market heat is high 

Since 2016, the number of mini-KTV has soared, and the continuous layout of many capitals has kept the market for mini-KTV hot.

According to relevant reports, the domestic mini-KTV market has exceeded 3.5 billion yuan last year. It is expected that the market scale will continue to expand in the next two years, and it is expected to exceed 14 billion yuan in 2019. According to estimates, the number of mini KTV that have been released to the market has reached more than 30,000. According to industry analysts, the mini-KTV, a cultural space widely distributed in shopping malls, waiting areas and cinemas, fits well with fragmented time consumption and light entertainment concept. Compared with traditional KTV, it is more convenient and faster, and it is easier to realize online and offline sharing interaction. The fast-growing mini KTV has become a new format for providing cultural and entertainment services.


Market dilemma 

In the summer, the reporter walked into a mini KTV in the mall, Beijing, and experienced it for a while. Although 30 yuan only sang 3 songs, it felt slightly worthless, but the reporter unexpectedly found that the three songs have been automatically save it to your WeChat account and share it with your friends. The most interesting thing is that in addition to sharing, these songs can be made into albums. A mall staff told reporters that most of these mini-KTV users are waiting for people to enter the audience. "Many viewers will reserve ten minutes to arrive at the theater in advance. During this 'fragment' time, some consumers will choose to sing a few songs to kill time," he said.

Subsequently, the reporter interviewed a couple of couples, they said that "one hour is a few tens of dollars, too expensive, and there is no air conditioning in the summer, staying inside is very hot." In addition, the reporter from the feedback of the user, the actual experience is that the sound effects of headphones, microphones and other devices are not as good as in the publicity, distortion, noise and other performance distance KTV professional level has a certain gap. At the same time, the process of cutting songs, logging in to the room, etc. is not smooth, and the equipment response is not sensitive enough, such as poor experience.


Development trend 

Many investors predict that in the future, mini KTV will inevitably usher in a round of cruel industry reshuffle, and "big fish eat small fish" is inevitable. Even if the winners have to face more competition for offline entertainment, catching doll machines, VR games, etc. are all contenders for the mass fragment time. Although offline mini-KTV fully converts user fragmentation time into business opportunities, offline new mini-KTV market may not continue to be profitable if it does not provide consumers with a good consumer experience. In the next stage, mini KTV vendors should continue to update according to user needs, provide more value-added services, and enhance user stickiness.