The origin of the coin operated game machine

- Nov 06, 2018-

The origin of the coin operated game machine

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The origin of the coin operated game machine is very much related to the vending machine. We all know that the principle of vending machines is to get the goods based on the amount of coins you put in. At first, this principle was not noticed by game console manufacturers. Until 1888, the Germans designed an automatic laying machine based on the principle of the vending machine. People only need to put a coin into the machine in the coming year. This automatic laying hen will place an egg with a scream. In fact, this automatic laying hen is very similar to the vending machine, but because it has a sound effect, it is a step closer to the game console.

After that, another development factor of the slot machine came from the appearance of the music box. The same is true as long as you put coins in the inside, there will be a music box that will automatically rotate and play beautiful music. This is a step forward in the entertainment industry. Gradually, people can get a lot of services through coin-operated methods, so some people have applied coin-operated models to the design of game consoles.

After the advent of the twentieth century, coin-operated games began to be widely used in various types of games. Because the slot machines belong to simple mechanical and circuit structures, the production process is not complicated, so the application is more extensive, but simple mechanical structure makes the content of the game simple and tedious. Gradually with the advancement of time, the rapid development of global electronic technology, various electronic technologies began to be applied to coin-operated game consoles, we can see today's coin-operated game consoles, coin-operated is just a step to start the game console. The real game consoles are running using computer motherboard technology to design and control the game through programs. We can see that today's coin-operated game consoles are rich in content, not just simple operations and game content.