The potential value of the game console

- Sep 20, 2018-

The potential value of the game console

Many people like to play game machine, including men, women and children. In today's social group, people still consciously go to the game park to consume, but it is not necessary to go to the video game city, such as a supermarket close to home or directly near the community. Therefore, the potential value of the game console in the market is still very large.

First of all, the audience of the game machine and the doll machine are mostly young people, so your shop is not suitable for putting these things mainly to see what is your main business, the composition of the community, the pace of life, and the reason why most of the doll machines are put into the mall. Don't worry about no one to play, but you may have this kind of concern in the community, but there is no way to improve it. For example, put some practical items and daily necessities in the doll machine to attract everyone. Before I saw a grab machine that caught cigarettes at the door of a supermarket, there would always be middle-aged men to catch cigarettes. The psychology of people who play with crane machines is that if they catch it, they will save more money, so my advice to you is to put a grab machine to try, put what you decide inside, you just think about your community, there are not many children, how about people, if someone really plays then consider the follow-up, after all, people who really want to play will go to the playground to have a good time.

Of course, some smart bosses will say that they don't want to give more than a few game coins, but customers are willing to try new games or game consoles that are of interest. This can enhance the user's experience and increase the flow of people. So game center operation is also a skill.