The profit model of vr experience pavilion

- Nov 29, 2017-

The profit model of vr experience pavilion

Vr is strange to many people, vr is virtual reality, it is a combination of various technologies. Many people only know vr movies and vr games, in fact, vr technology is applied to many fields, including medicine, entertainment, military aerospace, interior design, real estate development, industrial simulation, repair, education and so on. At present, many businesses are looking at this investment, and now there are a lot of for-profit vr experience centers, and the traffic is very good, because people are interested in new things. Let's talk about the profit model of vr experience pavilion.

What is vr?

Let's start with a brief introduction to vr

VR virtual reality technology is a kind of can also create and experience the virtual world of the computer simulation system, which USES the computer to generate a simulation environment, is a kind of multi-source information fusion, interactive 3 d dynamic visual and physical behavior of the system simulation users immersed into the environment.

Virtual reality is a combination of various techniques, including real-time 3 d computer graphics, a wide-angle vision (wide) stereo display technology, head, eyes and hands to observer of tracking technology, as well as the sense of touch force sensing/feedback, stereo, network transmission, such as speech input and output technology.

What is Easyfun vr?

Easyfun vr is a comparison at the same industry leading brands, has an area of 3000 square meters modern production base, the top technology research and development laboratory, from Australia, the United States silicon valley vr content team and brand operation team. Adhere to grasp core technology, leading the industry trend, has to be complete, novel and unique, cost-effective VR theme park experience pavilion product line, the theme park on the virtual reality system operation solutions and professional services, to become a global leading brand trusted virtual interactive industry, products are exported to many countries around the world.

At present, easyfun vr is constantly updating its products, recruiting investment and joining together to develop, and its reputation is growing in the vr industry

Site selection of vr experience pavilion

Now the vr industry is developing rapidly, and the technology is becoming more and more mature. There are many vr experience centers in China. Do want to do, be about to choose a real professional, investment experience virtual reality VR store and there is a difference between the traditional industry, its location is very picky, at the same time the crowd positioning is also very important. In combination with the reason, virtual reality VR experience store location usually with complex mall, traffic concentration, theater, traveling scenic area, amusement parks, museums, science and technology museum, such as a suitable.. Of course, these venues have their own advantages and disadvantages.

How is vr park profitable

If you do a survey in a busy area, you'll find that more than 90 people in 100 people don't know what a vr is, so it's very important to choose a location, and choose a busy area. Choose a good address, choose good equipment, hardware the most important is drive and cylinder, computer configuration, the work how. Because this directly affects your later operation. You also want this thing to be able to bring a considerable benefit to you, and not the whole set of equipment to put out the problem every day, nothing to add to you. So these are things that friends pay attention to when they're on the device.