The quality of the products in the bag of the bag determines how far the gift machine can go.

- Jan 17, 2019-

The quality of the products in the bag of the bag determines how far the gift machine can go.


When the doll machine, mini KTV, lipstick machine, and VR equipment became almost the standard of each shopping center, the similar prize machine became popular again. In some cinema halls and shopping malls, a large number of "lucky blessing bags" machines have appeared, replacing the doll machine as the new favorite of young consumers. The phone scan code can pay 20 or 30 yuan to drop the blessing bag. Prizes on the equipment, from mobile phones, headphones to hair dryers, charging treasures. Someone here is obsessively paying for the "surprise" that he wants and does not get, and some people have tried it once and did not get rid of it.

Gift have been in Japan for decades and have been selling well in the Chinese market in recent years. In the beginning, the merchant simply placed a number of items of different prices in the bag and sold them at a uniform price. Slowly, the tradition of keeping the contents of the blessing bag confidential has been developed to be disclosed to customers in advance, and the sales method has also evolved from queuing to online lottery, bag machine drop, friend circle relay, and so on. “Fu Bag Culture” has expanded from home department stores to online and offline. Through the blessing bag, the merchants stimulated people's expectation of unknown items, attracted buyers' desire to pay, and also gave customers some sweetness in time, so that more and more people have the chance to win the prize.

In fact, before the blessing machine similar to the doll machine, the shopping malls and the anniversary of the blessings were also popular for some time. As a fun-and-fashionable marketing method, the biggest temptation is still blind selection – you never know what you might have before you buy a single open blessing bag. Good luck, it may be exactly what you want; point back, it may be completely chicken. As the classic line in "Forrest Gump": Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what the next one is.

Low-priced games play high price surprises? Very few opportunities

The unique marketing model of playing high-priced surprises with low-cost games is really easy to impress consumers. At least, it was like this for a while. A small number of people are satisfied with the expected goods, and most of them are mournful because they feel cheated. But all the sorrows and joys, merchants can use "luck" to explain.

To win almost: In life, people are often obsessed with small probability events. If you have to make a choice between the determined loss and the gambling, I believe most people are more inclined to the latter. Studies have shown that "a little win" will cause the secretion of dopamine, which is only a little less than "real win". The blessing bags are all using the psychology of payers. As a result, customers are attracted to participate.

Xiao Boda: While providing customers with a small probability of profit, Fubao also constantly beats everyone's subconscious: even though the goods in the bag are not what you want, you will not completely lose the money to buy the blessing bag. We are all risk enthusiasts, and it is hard to resist the temptation to win with small wins. In fact, Fubao is selling this kind of winning opportunity. It not only brings fresh and exciting feelings to users, but also stimulates the follow-up behavior of buyers.

Randomness: Under the psychological driving of similar luck, some people want to borrow their blessing bags to try their luck, and some people want to find out if they want to see if there is really a surprise inside. According to this psychologist, "randomness" can be addictive, similar to people's fascination with small probability events. Participants who spend $20 may purchase items worth a few dollars, or they may purchase items worth thousands of dollars. The winning result is entirely accidental, and the brain favors such uncertain returns.

Multi-function: claiming to be “automatic vending machine” and “energy for new retail”... The bag machine is supported by unmanned sales technology and pays for the so-called “mystery gift”. In the era of rapid development of unmanned retail, each bag machine is not only an offline sales scene, but also equipped with free WIFI, charging and other multi-function, can also be regarded as data, advertising, media, mass marketing, etc. , the mobile carrier on the "window".

You are immersed in the unknown fun business to get a definite income

“Through the diversification of customer groups, the expansion of data samples, the unbounded brand marketing, and the diversification of profit sources, the goal of all participants is win-win in the course of operation.” The positive evaluation of the bag machine, people say. If the merchant uses the blessing bag reasonably and compliantly, it is indeed possible for the buyer and the seller to achieve a win-win situation. However, if the surface is overwhelmingly spread on various platforms, the inside of the "hanging the sheep, selling dog meat" play slippery, after all, can not be recognized by the market and will be eliminated.

After a calm review, it is not difficult to find out that many of the “blessed bag cultures” on the line are for the purpose of giving back to the old customers, and most of the purpose is to “clear inventory”. And the offline bag marketing, you can not see where to eat. In order to return the funds and sales promotion, many consumers have been stunned by the “value-for-money surprises” deliberately created by the merchants, and finally they have to spend money to buy lessons.

Although the statement has been refurbished, the bag machine is essentially a vending machine. Since it is a commodity, after the veil of "value for money", there must be a variety of profitable purposes. We should have understood the truth that "wool is on the sheep."

Don't let the "net red machine" become the hardest hit area for counterfeit products.

Nowadays, the number of entertainment machines such as lipstick machines, blind box machines and blessing bags installed in public places such as shopping malls and cinemas has increased significantly. Such as lipstick machine, inside the code is a price of 200 yuan, 300 yuan a Dior lipstick, 10 yuan per game, scan code payment may get brand-name lipstick, has greatly tempted many girls. But now it is no one cares. There is also a blind box machine with a uniquely designed doll. The price is 69 yuan each. Unlike the vending machine, the blind box machine is purchased with fun and random gameplay. The style of the doll is all by luck. . The bag machine is also a kind of blind box game machine, but the game rules are similar to the lipstick machine, which uses the psychology of the player.

Consumer industry experts analyzed that the above entertainment machine uses the mass fragmentation time, such as waiting for the opening of the movie, waiting for the restaurant to call, and waiting for the children to leave the class, spending a few minutes, tens of dollars to spend boring time. But if boredom becomes boring, consumers will not be fooled. The key question is whether the entertainment machine is really a high-priced commodity as the highlight of the channel, or "hanging the sheep, selling dog meat" to make a gimmick, can not help but think deeply. Consumers should also stay calm while meeting their own needs.

Market observers pointed out that the use of large-name lipsticks alone is the worst-hit area for fakes. Usually people buy cautious and discerning the authenticity in shopping malls and e-commerce, let alone the operators of the net red machine, in order to dilute the cost and get the return as soon as possible, what choices will be made when purchasing the goods. The bag machine, the lipstick machine and the doll machine are different, and there is a greater hidden danger of consumption behind the larger target value. If the positioning of net red and the hidden risks of parallel goods are not broken and solved, they will become the factors restricting the long-term development of the "net red machine". Experts pointed out that breaking through these restrictions seems to require the emergence of an authority with complete production and marketing systems and guarantees in all aspects. It seems that the current market seems to take some time.

It can be seen that the trend of wanting a bag machine is not an instant, but it can be as long as a doll machine. It is necessary to do a good job of positioning the product. Even if it is a "mysterious product", it should also maintain the quality of the product. The benefit of oneself has broken the future of the entire bag machine market.