The reason why the coin operated game machine is popular

- Nov 14, 2018-

The reason why the coin operated game machine is popular


Speaking of coin-operated machines, everyone should know that many children's game consoles need to be coin-operated. At some malls, they often see such coin-operated machines. Most of the children also play this game. It is said that this coin-operated machine has become one of the most popular game machines, so why are these coin-operating opportunities so popular?

Game machine experts told us that the reason why these children's coin operated game machines are so popular is that because of its investment convenience, it is necessary to open an adult video game city and go to the cultural department to apply for a cultural license, but if it is a children's entertainment venue, then you don't need to be so troublesome, as long as you have a common document such as a business license.

The second point is that because the kids coin operated game machine investment is small, the cost of the kids coin operated game machine is much smaller than that of many adult game consoles, and it does not need to be specially set up in the video game city, shopping malls and There is spare space in the supermarket, and children's coin operated game machines can be purchased from children's game console manufacturers. This can also bring more passengers to their stores, greatly increasing profits, which is a two-pronged thing.

The third point is because of the impact of mobile games. Everyone knows that many young people like to play games in video games. But now it is different, phones are widely used, and the Internet has also developed greatly. Many young people are Choosing to play games on mobile phones, in this case, video game city operators can only transfer the customer population to the children, because most parents still prefer children to play these children's game consoles, and they are not willing to go to the phone every day.