The red process of the doll machine

- Feb 12, 2019-

The "red" process of the doll machine


In a dull day in 1990, in the street game halls of Japan, game equipment equipped with claw-catching devices appeared in ACG pop characters such as Superman's plush toys. As a result, the "Doll Machine" game began to explode and became more and more popular.

This magical "product" began to enter Taiwan from Japan and then entered mainland China. With the abolition of the Chinese game machine ban in 2015, the doll machine industry “abandoned the darkness” and embarked on major stores and commercial districts all over China.

The market rumors that the domestic doll machine stocks up to 2 million units, and still grow at a rate of 400,000 units per year, and this rumor is still in 2017, more than anywhere.

Looking back at the "pengpeng" process of the doll machine, from the scattered shopping malls, to the professional store, the IP image store scene, to the immersive real doll machine park shop, the business model of the doll machine can also be huge by simply using the user psychology. profit. Transforming into a profit point for the integrated pan-entertainment ecosystem. This experiential consumption scenario is becoming one of the most popular and successful business logics in recent years.

Perhaps the doll machine that comes out of the game lobby is just a small street business in your eyes, but now billions of dollars in business value is driving the industry into an endless game. .