The virtual reality experience center of guangdong science center welcomes visitors on New Year's day.

- Jan 10, 2018-

The virtual reality experience center of guangdong science center welcomes visitors on New Year's day.


Wearing VR headgear, you can "fly away" and experience "typhoon", "earthquake", "fire escape"... On New Year's day in 2018, the virtual reality experience pavilion of guangdong science center will be officially opened, and more than 10 virtual reality devices in the field will lead the audience to experience different virtual worlds.

It is understood that the guangdong science center open virtual reality experience pavilion is one of the virtual reality of China science and technology museum cluster project, the project by the China science and technology museum in the country, aimed at promoting virtual reality software resource sharing science project. Guangdong science center is the first batch of 123 Chinese virtual reality one of science and technology museum cluster ground units, ground projects including eight "animal world" VIVE projects and "the magic of graphene", etc. 12 mobile terminal project. At the same time, combined with the features of the equipment, it also provided a series of popular science experience projects such as "earthquake, fire fighting and typhoon experience", which greatly enriched the teaching content of the exhibition hall.

Virtual reality, or VR, is a computer system that can create and experience virtual worlds. It USES a computer to generate a simulated environment that allows users to immerse themselves in a near-reality scenario through the simulation of 3D and physical behavior. Unlike the usual 3D and 4D movies, it is no longer simply "see", but signals feedback to allow participants to "enter" the picture. This immersive scene can expand the multidimensional space of popular science experience and arouse the interest of the audience in science.

For example, in the virtual reality experience pavilion's "world of animals" project, viewers wear VR headsets and can view the world from the perspective of animal eyes. The audience can experience "eagle's eye", while soaring in the sky, it can easily lock and enlarge the prey on the ground. The audience can experience the "puppy's eyes", allowing the oncoming high-speed moving ball to slow down and catch the ball easily; The audience can also experience "dragonfly's eyes", with 240 frames per second to double eyes, and see the mosquitoes flying with their wings.

The 360-degree panorama provided by VR technology shows that, like any door of "doraemon", it takes the audience into A world where reality is difficult to reach. For example, the "fancy skiing" project allows the audience to swim in the snow in the snow, avoiding trees, boulders or animals. For example, "flying over the grand canyon", the audience can follow the extreme sports home of Thomson and his friends to the grand canyon, riding paragliding as an extreme sports freak.

Virtual experience pavilion "also has 6 seats spaceship, HTC VIVR VR SPACE, VR vibration, 9D VR" four virtual reality devices, including 6 seats "spaceship" can people experience, at the same time is 5 d, 7 d cinema upgrade, sense of science and technology, have hair drier, leg, hip, a variety of sensory effects TuiBei, four groups of surround sound jointly build strong stereo audio.

In the museum, the audience can also conduct evacuation drills. In "fire, earthquake, typhoon disaster experience" project, through the control handle, can learn in the fire "turn off the gas, using a fire extinguisher, towel over your mouth", can in the earthquake "to find a place to escape route or the best hedge", can feel the power in the typhoon and learn how to safe haven.

Lu Jingui, director of the guangdong science center, said the VR is hot emerging technology in recent years, guangdong science center, as one of the largest science venues, hope that through the form of cluster experience pavilion, let the audience deeply understand and experience the new science and technology.


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