The VR boom is still there, and I believe that it will soon erupt again!

- Dec 10, 2018-

The VR boom is still there, and I believe that it will soon erupt again!


Although the VR boom has been unloading the past, VR has become a branch of the game. With the efforts of many game console manufacturers, VR games have been enriched step by step, and more and more VR game devices have flooded into major shopping malls in China, becoming an emerging entertainment project.

With the basic maturity of the underlying hardware market, the imaging quality and user experience of VR devices have been greatly improved. It is believed that the VR game market is expected to usher in another explosion in the near future.

Peter Walman, CEO of Newzoo: "I believe that game content developers who are still holding a wait-and-see attitude toward VR development will gradually break their doubts and invest more in the development of high-quality VR content. Of course, at the same time, development Those must first solve some of the problems that affect the user experience in the current industry, such as uncomfortable equipment, delayed game screens, and not suitable for people with fear of heights."

Ray Davies, co-founder and CEO of Wanderers Entertainment: "The VR games developed today mostly isolate players from playing single-player games, which makes people feel very lonely. Now people who like to stay at home have become more and more More, if you play single-player games, it is too monotonous."

VR industry plummeted 80% but the VR game market is expected to usher in spring

On May 1st, a report released by market research firm Crunchbase showed that in the first quarter of 2017, the global VR/AR venture capital investment was only 200 million US dollars (a total of 26 companies received investment), compared with 1 billion US dollars in the same period last year (29 Home company financing), plunged 80%. Some insiders believe that the VR investment virtual fire is gradually declining, mainly because VR technology is not mature and there are more alternative technologies. However, recent sales data indicates that VR game users are gradually increasing, and innovative VR games are greatly praised.

Previously, the VR game downturn may not be the reason why the number of users of the VR game mode is small, and more because the game developers did not really consider the user's needs when developing the VR game. Therefore, "playing games with friends" and "making users immersive" is the most urgent need of users, and it will be a place that VR game developers need to consider in future development. As long as game developers are thoughtful in developing VR games, they can firmly grasp the market trends and produce corresponding VR game products according to market demand, which will surely usher in the sales boom of VR games, which will further promote the sales of hardware products. Drive the entire game ecology into a virtuous circle.