This is the correct way to operate the new generation of indoor children's playgrounds!

- Mar 13, 2019-

This is the correct way to operate the new generation of indoor children's playgrounds!


Core space: parent-child interactive entertainment

Entertainment is the core of the theme park and the most basic function of the indoor children's theme park. Only the entertainment facilities, the entertainment concept and the entertainment activities can bring the greatest joy to parents and children. Operators can combine fun and parent-child interaction activities with high-tech innovative play equipment to spread happiness and infect every customer.

Educational Space: Children's Puzzle Early Learning

Create a “learning” mode for children's paradise, let children take interest in learning in children's paradise, and win parental love with puzzles. For example, let cartoon dolls be teachers, interact with children and teach early education knowledge; continue to introduce special courses, introduce world science and innovation education concepts, and let children strengthen knowledge through entertainment.


Service space: family service

Providing each family member with the best and most convenient one-stop service to enhance the customer's viscosity and satisfaction in the children's playground.

Performance space: discovering the potential of children

The performance space is to integrate the entire theme park into a large stage concept, and design a unique full-field lighting change program and theme music, through the control room to control the lighting and music changes throughout the park. At the moment of performance, the entire theme park became an oversized SHOW field. Let the children show their talents in the children's paradise, create their own personality, give full play to their strengths, and cultivate the comprehensive ability of children's "Germany, wisdom, body, beauty and labor".

Dining space: increase spending time

The dining space is a green dining station that provides foods such as desserts, drinks, specialties and other foods that parents like when they are tired. It not only increases their staying time, but also when the child is hungry but does not want to go home. A children's playground with healthy dining will make parents feel very human, which will make a good impression on the park and promote consumption again.


Selling space: increase additional revenue

The sales space is a series of derivatives designed by the new generation of children's parks according to the theme and theme of the children's park, including educational toys, fun books, maternity products and so on. Here parents can pick up any daily necessities, toddlers, creative gifts, etc. they want. The introduction of the children's playground logo and the introduction of the indoor children's park in these products not only promotes the indoor children's playground, but also enhances the brand's communication power, and can also increase the income of the children's park.