Three important issues in the operation of prize game machines

- Dec 17, 2018-

Three important issues in the operation of prize game machines


As we all know, the good development of the gift machine industry has gained a large influx of capital and sought after, and many of the early-stage merchants have also achieved good returns. On the contrary, some people who are not so lucky have ended badly. Without the operating experience of the gift machine, it is easy to make mistakes in the course of operation. These factors are worth pondering.


First, follow the wind to buy gift machine equipment

Some inexperienced operators are not very familiar with the information about the gift machine. Therefore, when choosing the gift machine equipment, they tend to imitate other people's gift machine equipment, or choose a low-cost gift machine with a try attitude. . Imitating the gift machines purchased in other stores is easy to bring homogenization competition, and the use of low-cost gift machine equipment is a problem. The money is not earned and wastes a lot of energy and business communication equipment.

Gift shop is a fast-moving product. Different gift machines are different for customers. In the era of continuous flow, it is the best to be quick and eye-catching. Before buying a gift machine, you need to investigate the surrounding market and make it different from others, so that others can remember and highlight their own advantages in the fierce competition.


Second, the prize is not fresh enough

Many merchants believe that as long as there are enough gifts, the use rate of the gift machine must be very high, but it is just wrong. The gift of the gift machine must be the core. If you want to make good income, the gift must be fresh and beautiful. For girls and children. Their consumption concept is more emotional, so this is a very important point to increase revenue.


Third, the member maintenance does not pay attention

Most merchants who open gift shop stores are constantly convincing the players to do the card. After the card is finished, they will go to find new card players and only do one-time business. Spend energy on new customers and not pay attention to the maintenance of old customers. If the development cost is used for the cultivation of old customers, it is lower than the cost of developing new customers to cultivate old customers with great care.

After a period of precipitation, the customers of the gift machine store basically stabilize the customer is that part of the group. If this group can be stably developed into a long-term customer, then this will be a group of loyal customer resources in our store. Other potential customers in the area. If the maintenance is not good, new customers are difficult to find, old customers are lost, and the business will naturally not do it.


The details of the business process of the gift shop, the follow-up equipment, and the maintenance of the customer can greatly affect the final benefits. Do a good job in every step, step by step, avoid these problems, in order to win the successful operation of the gift machine store.