Tips for catching the doll crane machine

- Sep 27, 2018-

Tips for catching the doll crane machine

First, the clips of the general large doll machine are composed of three. When we are catching a doll, do we often encounter the angle of the claw and the expected disagreement. When the clip falls, a certain claw will fall on the doll first or deviate from the grab point. Then it is very important to turn the clip. . Turning the clip is actually very simple, that is, the joystick is rotated 360 degrees quickly, the clip rotates and the angle changes. When the clip stops shaking, you can grab the doll.

Second, sometimes after reading the countdown of the doll machine, it may be easier to catch the doll by letting the clip fall. In addition, there is a saying that the button clip is dropped, and pressing it at the moment the clip is caught will enhance the claw force. Specifically, it is pressed at the 1/3 of the height of the doll or just when the whole one can be held. When the clip is completely finished, the natural power of the object is usually not enough. Most of the machine's claw force is stronger when pressed twice, and the weak claw force is useless. It's actually useful for some machines, it allows you to tighten the clips at the right time, making it easier to catch.

 Third, the doll is a very practical technology, such as the larger doll, or the bear body of the two-headed doll, it is best to grab from the body and neck of the doll. If you really like this doll, I suggest that you first pay for two coins, put the doll down and grab it, so the chances of catching the doll will be much larger.