Vending machines

- Dec 05, 2018-

Vending machines are more efficient than unattended convenience stores, but their positioning is to complement rather than replace convenience stores.


The problem to be solved by the unmanned convenience store can be solved by the vending machine for the following reasons:

1. More efficient. Vending machines are faster, easier, and more secure. Under the super camera of the unmanned shop, a closed small space seems to be more suitable for bank ATMs.

2. It is easier to maintain. Vending machines do not have shelves that are messed up by customers, there is no need to organize shelves, only one action – “replenishment”. Unmanned convenience stores, such as the Bingo Box Store, have been selected by more than a dozen customers.

3, higher efficiency, lower rents. According to reports, there are 5 million automatic vending machines in Japan, with annual sales of more than 300 billion yuan, that is, the daily sales of each machine covering 1-2 square meters is 168 yuan = 84 yuan / square meter / day. This is still only a dozen SKUs on a beverage-based machine (one costing 20,000). If you want to add SKU, 8 square meters, composite vending machines can do more than 100 effective SKUs, for instant buyers, completely Can meet the needs. (High temperature, low temperature, normal temperature separation can be achieved)

4, easier to burglar, and lower investment.

5. All the places on the side of the vending machine have become free “in-store purchase areas”, which invisibly expand the rent-free area.

6, pay, pick up, brush face, brush hand, brush machine, swipe card can be achieved.

7, Japan's unoccupied cashier, is not an unmanned convenience store, is in the "someone" convenience store, in order to reduce the queue, launched the unmanned cashier. And China's mobile APP application can better solve this problem, only need rush hour, one more temporary inspection at the door. The "personal" convenience store provides customers with additional services and interactive features that can generate additional sales.

8. The unmanned convenience store preached: “There are many profit channels such as operating income, advertising revenue, and consumer finance on the basis of the original distribution points, so as to achieve performance growth.” The vending machine can also be realized.

Nowadays, the advertisements of vending machines, such as Youbao, have been very perfect. Whether it is the display, and interaction of the front, middle and back of the fuselage, screen or mobile payment, it is very mature, and there are exclusive marketing tools, such as membership cards. And friends, etc., to facilitate secondary transmission.