Video game city big game machine operating skills

- Sep 30, 2017-

First, the use of nepotism relationship marketing

Case 1

A subway mouth, gathered a lot of businesses, home is selling sporting goods. As the upstairs and the game to catch the relationship between the two, together with the two marketing, video game city gifts are many from this get goods. Customers to buy sporting goods, basically can play online test luck, borrow equipment and basketball and boxing machine (basketball machine and boxing machine also through the sporting goods store advertising packaging), video game city received a small ticket, according to the amount Size of the number of times to play, if the customer exceeds a score, the customer can also get other gifts (of course, provided by the sporting goods store), video game city does not charge advertising costs, but to the sporting goods store charge each customer to play the money. Later, the sporting goods store kept sending messages to customers, "shopping can win, Gifts waiting for you to take." Over time, video games and sporting goods stores are not small harvest。

Case 2

There is a city, small game city special, there is a boss also opened a shop, but how business is not good. Later he was inadvertently chatting with a client to get a way. That is, and this customer cooperation, the customer is "put the horse money" (legendary usury), because the customer is very home resources, so he ordered the order, and soon the store on the customer surplus door. Speaking of this case, is not recommended to deliberately follow, the purpose is to hope that we can learn by analogy, find marketing ideas. Summary: do any business, need to start the brain, if you stick to the rules, then only "dead end". Now the community, the door business environment are basically "Red Sea", but by thinking, you will find ways and means, you will find a piece of the industry, "Blue Ocean." Oriented thinking, anti-regulation of the idea of modern business community is the highest point of marketing.

Second, use the game to market

Games inside the city of equipment, many are analog sports competition programs, it is easy to form a game rules. Customers like to play, not every day are willing to come, but if the formation of a competitive group, so that they can compete with the master or become someone else's worship of the master, then this is probably not the same. So, the game is the marketing of the game is necessary, the official game city to the following similar

Third, the game to develop a plan, good operation, must benefit  from.

1, basketball game 2, dancing game 3, boxing champion 4, the first letter D, racing, motorcycle game 5, fighter series of games using the "birthday party" to marketing birthday party marketing somewhat similar to McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken Children birthday party (PARTY). Game customers inside the city are young people, each birthday, hoping to find a entertainment (HAPPY) relatively strong occasions to carry out. Game City on the one hand can be reflected through the birthday party activities, customer care, on the other hand through the birthday party to increase the single-day revenue (young people are on the birthday group). To know the birthday party McDonald's meeting is an important marketing.