Virtual reality of VR technology involves key technologies

- Jan 09, 2018-

Virtual reality of VR technology involves key technologies.


Virtual reality system provides an advanced man-machine interface, through to provide users with visual, hearing, touch and other intuitive and natural methods and means of interaction of real-time perception, the greatest degree has made the user's operation, so as to reduce the burden of the users, improve the work efficiency of the system. Its efficiency is mainly determined by the degree of immersion and the degree of intersecting of the system.

Virtual reality application domain.

Virtual reality has a very wide range of applications, the key study psychology, control science, computer graphics, database design, the real-time distributed system, multidisciplinary fusion technology such as electronics and multimedia technology, medicine, entertainment, art and education, and other related fields of virtual reality technology and systems.

Natural interaction and sensing technology.

Emphasize natural interactive virtual reality technology, that is, people in the virtual world, and the virtual world to each other, even not aware of the existence of the computer, namely in the computer system to provide virtual reality in the space, people can use the eyes. It is the natural interaction technology in the virtual environment. Currently, compared with other technologies in virtual reality technology. This natural interaction technique is relatively immature.

9d vr.png

Natural interaction

The goal of "virtual reality" is to realize that "computers should adapt to human beings rather than people adapt to computers", and that the improvement of man-machine interface should be based on relatively unchanged human characteristics.

In the virtual reality technology, human-computer interaction can no longer use keyboard, mouse, the menu, but the use of helmets, gloves, and even to the direction of "barrier free", so that the final computer can feel to the human body, can listen to the voice of the people, by people of all the senses.

High "bandwidth"

Now the contents of computer output can display color images quickly and continuously, and its information is very large. And people kept using the keyboard input on one after another, virtual reality technology can use of language, image and position of input and understand the fast large quantities of information input.

Non-precise interaction techniques.

This refers to the use of a technology to fully explain the user interaction of the purpose of interaction, keyboard and mouse require user's precise input. But, the people's action or thinking often not very accurate, and the computer should understand the requirements of the people, and even correct the mistakes, so the intelligent interface of virtual reality system will be an important development direction.

Said things through the interaction of realism in the traditional way of computer application, interactive media is Ian is thinking with symbolic representation, abstraction instead of the reality, and virtual reality technology can be the medium as it is the repetition of things, simulation, and even imagination and fiction. He can make the user feel that he is using the computer more than the official, and that he is dealing directly with the application object.

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