VR/AR is the frontier and center of future technology

- Mar 29, 2019-

VR/AR is the frontier and center of future technology


Virtual reality (VR) is becoming a global cutting-edge technology, and you can see immersive technology showcases around the world.

“Future Technology Show is not an ordinary technology showcase,” the organization team said in a statement. “We know that the quickest way to understand new technologies and feel their potential is to be hands-on. Participants have the opportunity to experience it through interactive presentations, and conferences and seminars allow you to see experts and case studies in person to help you understand the current technology. Development direction and goals."

The immersive technology is clearly at the forefront and center, including VR/AR, video games, healthcare, business development, the automotive industry, and robotics. Future Tech Now has announced the conference's projects, which you can find below.

Hospital 2.0

From surgical training to providing a safer, more efficient, and more effective way to patient care, exploring how immersive technology has changed the 21st century healthcare industry. Groundbreaking cancer surgeon Shafi Ahmed performed the world's first surgery in a 360-degree video and will present his new surgical simulation application in the on-site operating room.

Business change

This is a high-level industry space where we will showcase the stunning new shared VR platform from Immerse and the leading platform and experience for future training.

Car revolution

DETC will demonstrate a variety of vehicle and engineering immersive experiences, while Mo-Sys will use its proprietary Star Tracker technology to immerse itself in AR for unbound roaming and tracking.

AI and robot

From work automation and autonomous vehicles to space explorers, robots will play an important role in the future. We will explore current cutting-edge applications and discuss how to solve future possibilities. You can also interact with Sandbot and Pepper Robot who will be present at the show.

Immersive art gallery

The immersive technology goes beyond work and practical applications, providing us with powerful new tools for creativity. Discover how artists can use these inspiring new environments as creative canvases. World-renowned fashion, music and celebrity photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya created a virtual reality device that delivers audiences through art, perfume, sound and meditation.

 VR movie theater

21st century technology provides filmmakers with a powerful way to make their visions look new. From the 360° movie to the fully immersive virtual environment, sit in our red velvet movie chair and enter another world!

Game arcade

We will showcase some of the leading AR / VR gaming experiences on Saturday 7th. As immersive technology becomes the mainstream of modern games, we emphasize how this technology can help players create a richer and more detailed world for players to explore and enjoy.

Vocktail Bar

Have a drink in the world's first virtual bar! Virtual cocktails are designed to work with the user's vision, smell and taste, meaning that drinkers think they are trying out a variety of beverages from cocktails to wine, even if the glass is just plain water.

Fully immersive virtual world

Future high-tech bodysuits will revolutionize the field of rehabilitation, business and entertainment. Teslasuit is the world's first touch and motion capture bodysuit, made up of wireless computers hidden inside, providing the feeling of touch, heating and cooling as well as capturing the movement of the entire body.