VR: bring real you into virtual reality.

- Feb 05, 2018-

VR: bring real you into virtual reality.

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More than 400 meters high in the cloud, guangzhou tower, haixinsha, guangzhou grand theatre, guangzhou library and other guangzhou landmarks once more... The wealthy have put on VR glasses, like "standing" on the roof of the guangzhou international finance center (IFC), feeling the youth and vitality from guangzhou... This is the virtual reality of VR technology (VR) for "wealth" BBS. After the era of wealth, the charm of VR has rapidly across the circle and wide and the social various fields of science and technology: guangzhou zoo in the VR virtual reality experience, guangdong science center hall opened in New Year's day, on Saturday, guangzhou culture park ocean VR science theme park also unveiled... 70% of the world's peripheral hardware is from guangzhou, and the advantages of guangzhou VR enterprises are mainly reflected in application and manufacturing.

In the future, VR will create a world for mankind, which needs our imagination.

Virtual Reality of Virtual Reality (VR for short), originated in the middle of the last century, computer scientists, philosophers and musician of three kinds of identity, Jaron Lanier, put forward the concept of VR Jaron Lanier, VR technology using a computer or other intelligent computing device simulation to create a Virtual world, let the user interaction in the Virtual world, let the senses such as vision, hearing, touch, like the scene. In 2014, facebook bought Oculus VR, which caused a strong vibration in foreign capital markets and technology circles, and also launched a domestic VR craze.

From the blowout in 2014 to the cooling of the end of 2016, the VR industry has experienced an outbreak of rationality. At present, the VR hardware consists of VR box, VR all-in-one, all-in-one VRPC end, based on PC support VRPC head manifestation of maximum guarantee performance and flow experience, and can experience virtual reality glasses boxes and mobile phone, but its immersive co., LTD., and can't reach the ideal state. In the domestic market, mobile phone mobile VR glasses are the first to be sold in VR headsets, and the main prices are between dozens and 200 yuan.

VR applications bring new patterns to life.

In addition to VR games, various modes such as VR+ scenic spot, VR+ library, VR+ catering, VR+ fitness, etc. have started to emerge in the last year, and VR technology is penetrating into people's life in various forms. This year, more than in the city park is the introduction of VR experience hall, guangzhou culture park of the new building on Saturday "nautilus fantasy trip" ocean VR science theme park officially opened, including child VR, AR interactive entertainment experience area, science popularization and entertainment area, Marine science area such as area, in the paradise of tourists wearing VR glasses can be 720 ° feel real sea world.

The VR zoo, which has already met on New Year's day, is located in guangzhou zoo, the world's first VR zoo. In the VR zoo, the children will experience the "animal angel" with the Q cute VR headset customized for them. The gorilla, the Asian elephant is walking in the palm of the child's palm... Not only the animals, but also the animals living in the tropical rain forest also come to the side, can also see the animals eat, play, reproduction and so on normally rare pictures. Compared with the traditional graphic and video science, the VR technology allows visitors to see felt animal diversity and growth environment, let the children more vivid understanding of the relationship between human and nature.

At the same time, VR application is more and more ground, like the guangzhou haizhu national tax WeChat public platform launched "VR panoramic tax experience hall", provides an interactive for taxpayer, can be immersed virtual 3 d space, the hall area function layout and real tax environment visual display in front of consumers.

In addition, China has released intelligent household industry alliance "white paper" IPTVVR technology industries, develop vigorously IPTVVR + innovation business this year, through IPTV VR large-format theaters, VR panorama broadcast, VR social new virtual reality will open social networks 2.0 era. Luo chuanfei, the China intelligent family industry alliance, thinks VR is an option for IPTV experience promotion and business innovation.

"VR+" has been promoted to automobile, real estate and other fields.

In dongfeng nissan advanced engineering technology center (AEP) is used in the new development of VR virtual reality technology to virtual evaluation, technical personnel in the early development stage, the new car to design the 3 d model of visualization by VR technology, and through the control handle, such as laser positioner equipment real-time fine-tuned, found the future possible problems, check in advance, improve, in the new car development design phase to ensure quality... VR technology is already an important tool and means in automobile manufacturing. The combination of "VR+" and traditional industries has become a major trend of the future development of the industry.

In many car brands, VR has become in the automobile manufacturing is an important tool and means, it can make is in the development stage of the vehicle in the virtual world revealed in advance, for engineers for evaluation and validation, virtual USES a set of evaluation system of VR immersion defects greatly reduce product development stage, also can shorten the development cycle. Introduce to the reporter dongfeng nissan, dongfeng nissan's advanced engineering technology center (AEP) adopted the RTT, Techvie and other professional software to realize 3 d real-time simulation technology, it can provide complete simulation based on CAD data input and workflow solutions. In addition, car companies by VR closer interaction with consumers, such as dongfeng NISSAN in last year in major cities of the country's core outlet, structures, NISSAN chi heng VR experience of science and technology zone "NISSAN the Milky Way battleship", consumers put on VR glasses, and dynamic platform, how to play the IDS CONCEPT CONCEPT car and many "black" science and technology.

In addition, how to and the combination of the traditional industry, become more and more companies seek breakthrough, already in flight, medicine, tourism and other industries to create different VR technology solutions, as in the field of real estate, real estate companies are also positive by VR technology to optimize sales experience. The virtual prototype built through VR technology provides customers with an almost real viewing experience.

Guangzhou VR technology

It's at the forefront of the world.

During "wealth" BBS, the finance chief executive, nigel babuster, experienced the VR technology in guangzhou and said that technological innovation in guangzhou was undoubtedly at the forefront of the world.

China's virtual reality technology, especially the field of game equipment, is at the world's leading level and is on the same starting line with foreign counterparts. However, the advantages of VR enterprises in guangzhou are mainly embodied in application and manufacturing. "Guangzhou VR industry both in ecology, market capacity, production technology mature, especially VR peripheral hardware devices in a leading position in the global, based on the traditional manufacturing in guangzhou, the egg chair, car seat, etc of VR games most external hardware company in guangzhou, 70% of the world's peripheral hardware companies are from guangzhou." "He said.

"VR in China, China's VR is in guangzhou," industry sources told reporters. Many VR brands in guangzhou have the strength to develop, produce and sell the hardware, and they can better define the products. "After two or three years of exploration, the VR enterprise in guangzhou can build a holistic VR solution for customers according to different needs.

Guangdong hao virtual reality industry research institute of guangzhou branch director, said the current national VR industry is looking for suitable for their own development opportunities, especially guangzhou VR enterprise has a very strong smell and cultural entertainment market, guangzhou VR enterprise in chip, offline solutions, content production, platform development, gesture recognition, interaction and so on various aspects of attempts, through every link of the industry chain. Especially VR attempt to enterprises in the aspect of wenbo, guangzhou is a leading in the domestic market, guangdong guangzhou VR enterprise are craft arts world top masterpiece to make virtual map, put these art masterpiece in the virtual world, can meet consumer is expected in the first half of this year.

In the future

Human control VR or VR subverts humans.

Because of the intense immersive feeling brought by VR, it is easy for the experiencers to immerse themselves in their current activity scene and forget the surrounding environment and indulge in it. Hao, dean said, VR experience easy to bring the body vertigo, it brings to the consumer physical discomfort is not thoroughly solved, at the same time, VR games could bring induction and addiction is also.

A few days ago, the famous Hollywood director Steven spielberg is scheduled to August's new movie, in a "player" trailers shows this picture: lead on high-tech VR glasses, wear special clothes and gloves, immersed in a "perfect" virtual reality technology combined with network game to build "oasis" virtual reality world, would not return to the real world. For a long time, such as sociology, ethics scholars in the discussion, when VR popularization, will the immersive for adverse impact on the cognition and behavior of people in the real, the phenomenon of "oasis" will become true?

But on the other hand, using VR immersion to help people to learn and cure is becoming more and more widely used. The application of VR technology to the treatment of special phobias, autism and drug addiction is being tested. The application of these VR technologies in the industry has even become a reality. For example, some people with acrophobia can construct different scenarios through virtual reality technology and interact purposefully to overcome the fear barrier.

Unlike 3D and 4D movies, VR technology does not allow you to stay in "see", but lets you "walk in" and expand the multi-dimensional space of learning experience through immersive scenes. Like fire control, security, food, education and so on many public utility enterprises hope that through modern intelligent high-tech means such as VR achieve greater experience scheme, simulation of gas leakage, fire and other real scene, let a person see, through the control handle, learning "turn off the gas, using a fire extinguisher, towel over your mouth", in shock, strengthen the safety consciousness, safety knowledge.

Whether it is control or VR subversion, the future VR will create a world and a platform for humanity, which requires our imagination.


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