VR enters the United States and knows and understands VR.

- Mar 12, 2018-

VR enters the United States and knows and understands VR.

1. An overview of the

Virtual reality technology is a kind of can create and experience the virtual world of the computer simulation system, which USES the computer to generate a simulation environment, is a kind of multi-source information fusion, interactive 3 d dynamic visual and physical behavior of the system simulation users immersed into the environment.

2. Introduction

Virtual reality technology is an important direction of simulation technology, simulation technology and computer graphics, man-machine interface technology is multimedia technology collection of sensor network technology and other technology, is a challenging cross technology frontier disciplines and research areas. Virtual reality technology (VR) mainly includes simulation environment, perception, natural skills and sensing equipment. Simulation environment is generated by computer, real - time dynamic 3d image. Perception refers to the ideal VR should have the perception of all people. In addition to the visual perception generated by computer graphics, there are also senses such as hearing, touch, force perception, motion, and even smell and taste, also known as multi-perception. Natural skills refers to the man to turn head, eyes, gestures, or other human actions, by a computer to process corresponds to the action of the participants in the data, and make real-time response to user input, and feedback to the user's facial features. Sensor devices refer to three - dimensional interactive devices.

3. Development history

The evolution history of virtual reality technology can be divided into four stages: the sound dynamic simulation is the first stage of the virtual reality thought (before 1963); Virtual reality germination is the second stage (1963-1972); The generation and theory of virtual reality concept were initially formed in the third stage (1973-1989). The further improvement and application of virtual reality theory is the fourth stage (1990-2004).

Characteristics of 4.

More perceptual

In addition to the visual perception of the general computer, there are auditory perception, tactile sensation, motion perception, and even taste, smell, perception, etc. The ideal virtual reality should have the perceptual function that all people have.


Refers to the degree of authenticity that the user feels as the protagonist in the simulation environment. The ideal simulation environment should be to the extent that users can't tell the truth.


Refers to the user's degree of operation of objects in the simulation environment and the nature of feedback from the environment.


The degree to which objects in a virtual environment act according to the laws of physical motion in the real world.

5. Technical features

VR art is along with the coming of the era of "virtual reality" has come into being a new and independent category of art, in the virtual reality and art: metaphysical ultimate re-invention, about VR art has the following definition: "in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applied to the artificial intelligence technology as a means of media art form, we call it virtual reality, art or art of VR. The main feature of this art form is hypertext and interactivity.

Integrated embodiment of its "as a frontier of modern science and technology and art of VR is through the man-machine interface to complex data visualization and interactive operation of a new form of artistic language, it attracts the artist's important place, lies in the artistic thinking and technology tools close communion and the deep penetration of new cognitive experience. Compared with the new media art under the traditional Windows operation, interactive and expanded man-machine dialogue is the key to VR art presenting its unique advantages.

Artists through the application of VR, AR technology can be used in a more natural control works in the form of human-computer interaction method, create a more immersive environment and the real cases of art can't realize the dream, and give new meaning to create process. Such as interactive device with characteristics of VR system can set up the audience through multiple sensory interaction channels and process through the device, the artist can use the software and hardware of the smooth cooperation to promote the communication between the participants and works with feedback, to create a good participation and handling; Can also through the video interface motion capture and store the visitor's behavior, to keep participants based consciousness enhancement, showing enhancement effect and reshaping, the processed image; Through augmented reality, mixed reality, form of the digital world and real world together, the audience can through its own action control projection of text, such as data glove can provide force feedback, mobile scenario, the 360 - degree rotating sphere space not only enhances the immersive, and can make the audience into the interior of the works, manipulate it, observe it, even to give the audience participation to create opportunities."

6. Application field

The city planning

In urban planning often use VR technology, VR technology not only can very intuitive performance of virtual city environment, and can simulate hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural disaster emergency. The government plays an important role in urban planning.

The real estate

VR virtual technology can perfectly represent the environment and facilities of the whole community, and it can also display the green belts, fountains, rest areas and sports fields that are to be built. The user can roam freely throughout the community, and carefully appreciate every scene of the community.

Interior design

Currently, VR technology is used for indoor 360-degree panoramic display and indoor roaming. The pre-decoration system can realize the immediate and dynamic adjustment of the wall, floor and furniture. Let you truly feel the actual effect of the house after finishing the decoration.

The protection of cultural relics

VR technology is widely applied in the protection of cultural relics, Egypt's pyramids online experience center USES a panoramic virtual technology and 3 d virtual technology, IBM is using VR virtual reality technology to the digital virtual protection of Beijing the imperial palace.

The traffic

Whether it is in the air, land or sea river transportation planning and simulation, VR virtual technology has its unique advantages, not only can use the 3 d GIS technology was very in place, will all kinds of traffic routes can dynamically simulate all kinds of natural disasters.

The game

For the development of the game, VR technology is suitable for development at present: role play, action and adventure puzzle game, racing car, its advanced graphics engine as any images of the current mainstream game engine performance effect, and the integration of form a complete set of dynamics and the more game AI system development provides the convenience.


VR technology is born in military applications and has a lot of military applications, including simulated battlefield, simulated operation, simulated driving, simulation equipment and so on, all of which need to be realized through VR technology.


Current information area at the top of the virtual reality technology in the medical profession also high-profile, it USES specific interactive tools (input devices, such as gloves and video eyepiece) to simulate the real operation of the software and hardware environment, users have immersive feeling in the process of operation, can be widely used in surgery training, preview, clinical diagnosis, remote intervention, medical teaching and so on each link.


VR technology in geographical application, mainly use of 3 d GIS geographic information system to express the intuitive three-dimensional topography, provide convenience for geographic workers and provide reliable reference data for relevant construction.


The VR technology is in the education field, mainly to play its interactive and vivid performance effect, and is used for the simulation of three-dimensional geometry, physical chemistry and other related courseware. And in the related professional training institutions, VR virtual reality technology can provide students more auxiliary, such as virtual driving simulation, all kinds of traffic rules, special equipment simulation operation, extreme environment etc.


In industrial application, VR technology is mainly used in industrial park simulation, machine tool simulation operation, equipment management, virtual assembly, industrial control simulation, etc. Because of the characteristics of VR technology, it is very convenient, fast and accurate to do the related work simulation.

Aeronautics and astronautics

Simulation training has always been an important subject in the aerospace industry, the department of defense advanced research projects agency, DARPA since the 80 s has been dedicated to the study called SIMNET virtual battlefield system, the system can connect more than 200 simulator, using the VR technology, can simulate zero gravity environment, the standard method of underwater astronaut training.


Video VR technology has been widely used in video application. There are virtual studios in all major TV stations, and some TV stations also use virtual hosts.

The studio

Virtual studio is the embodiment of the combination of virtual reality technology and human thought in TV program production. The main advantage of virtual broadcasting system is that it can express news information more effectively and enhance the infectivity and interactivity of information. Sets produced by the virtual studio system is proportionate three-dimensional design, when the camera moves, the virtual scene and foreground images will appear the corresponding change, thus increasing the sense of reality. In many ways, virtual scenes are cost-effective. If it has the ability to change the scene in time, save money in the studio set production. There is no need to move and retain scenery, thus reducing the need for employees. The same program can be used without the same studio because the background can be stored on disk. It can give full play to the creativity and imagination of creative people, and create a high-quality background with existing 3d animation software.


Virtual maintenance is an important research direction of the virtual technology in recent years, the purpose is through the adoption of computer simulation and virtual reality technology showcase on computer equipment maintenance process, strengthen the equipment on the various maintenance decision-making at all stages of life cycle, including the maintainability design and analysis, the maintainability demonstration, maintenance training implementation process verification, and maintenance etc.