VR equipment lets you run in the jungle.

- Jan 15, 2018-

VR equipment lets you run in the jungle

Yesterday, the people's gymnasium in the yichun road clipping mountain park was officially put into use, so far, 68 people's fitness courts have been put into use in the northern district, and 15 minutes of fitness circle has been achieved. Residents walk out of the house for 15 minutes to get physical exercise such as golf courses and fitness paths. According to the introduction, this year will build "smart people's fitness garden", add fitness "VR" project, residents by sharing fitness software, on the treadmill also can experience outdoor fitness feeling.  

New people's fitness garden on the mountain.

At 10 PM, the reporter comes to clip ridge mountain park is located in hefei road street people JianShenYuan, up the hill at the entrance has built a small rock climbing facilities according to the mountain, set up a table tennis table and space walk around, the high bar and other fitness equipment. Along the hiking trail to the mountain, the vacant lot on the hillside has a cage football and cage basketball court. A field near the top of the mountain tai chi built round, boating and other fitness facilities, first installed here also magnetic suction chess board, chess on closed at the bottom of the glass desktop, not afraid fell over the rain. Shibei zhi-qiang song tells a reporter, director of the national fitness center, clip JianShenYuan ridge mountain park, people built around the mountain, using four mountain space structures, the fitness field between more than two kilometers of fitness trails are connected. After it was built, it provided nearby residents with space and facilities.  

The whole area is 15 minutes fitness circle.

According to introducing, clip ridge mountain park people JianShenYuan shibei district is built recently put into use in the 15 JianShenYuan one, all of these JianShenYuan in dagang, LiaoNing Road, fushan district, water ditch cleaning, taitung residents centralized area such as construction, installation of the triple leg press, back stretch, and so on more than 350 pieces of fitness equipment. At the same time, the network of old men's court of no.51, anshan no.51, has been updated to provide good conditions for the elderly to participate in sports activities. At this point, the district has 68 people's fitness courts, forming a 15-minute fitness circle in the whole area. Residents who need to exercise are able to find a fitness venue for 15 minutes walking out of the house, so that they can keep fit and relax.  

Monitor your heart rate and blood pressure while exercising.

"The public health facilities in 2018 will highlight the combination of indoor and outdoor combination and intelligent sharing of fitness, while also monitoring physical health indicators. In addition to more than 260 mass sports activities in the street community this year, the district will also hold individual events such as mountaineering and fitness festivals, fishing, and gate games, song said. On the basis of the people's fitness garden in jialing mountain park, it will be built to build a 4-square-kilometer jialing mountain sports and leisure park. In 2018, there will be another 10 people's fitness courts, and two or three "smart people's fitness courts" will be created. The movements of the outdoor fitness venues will be installed with indoor gym fitness equipment, the same intelligence residents fitness at the same time, with his hands clenched testing equipment, can measure blood pressure, heart rate and other data.  

VR devices help citizens to get fit.

"Wearing a VR headset, you can choose a running site in the right place. "Zhi-qiang song told reporters that this year will be put into construction in the area of" sharing fitness network platform, can let the residents living in different parts of the "exercise", on the Internet by uploading the fitness data, to participate in fitness platform game held regularly, and get the prize. Ready to develop virtual reality VR fitness facilities, can let the residents of indoor fitness facilities through the virtual reality, select the sea, mountain, forest, such as different scenarios, find the feeling of the outdoor exercise on a treadmill. By strengthening the scientific and technological content of fitness facilities, and improving the interest of fitness sports, more citizens will voluntarily join the fitness ranks.  

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